Thursday, October 1, 2009

it was silent as a butterfly

Hello, October. Hello college apps. Terrified, but excited and anxious. I could almost smell college life. I. Can't. Wait. Yums, sneak peek of the Master's - October 22-24 with Stephanie!!! It'll be a Christian version of ASB camp, LAWLS. I'm sad that I can't be at the homecoming assembly though. Oh welllps. IT'S WORTH IT.

School's slowly picking up. I'm feeling the cram, the pressure, the stress. Maybe it's because college applications are out? Or maybe it's because I wrote my first AP Lit essay today? I know I didn't do well.

You know I've always complained or nagged when someone has "changed". But honestly, who hasn't changed? We act like we've remained the same from day 1, but we're just fooling ourselves. Says the infamous and cliche 6th grade GATE theme: Change is inevitable. People drift apart, people grow closer. People. Change. I've grown accustomed to it. Sure, people change in good ways and in bad ways, but I'm starting a new thing in my life. I shouldn't snub people who changed negatively 'cause sooner or later, I'll probably do the same. It's life. I should stay around, if I care.. I'm sorry. We're not all perfect. I. Too. Have. Changed.

I'm pathetically horrible at keeping in touch with people. If I don't talk to you in a few days, I probably won't for weeks.. I'll probably say hi, make small talk, or whatnot, but sadly I don't make the effort. I'm ashamed of myself, I feel bad. I'm trying to fix it. Give me time!!

-We're so consumed with our own busy lives. I'm sad that we hardly talk or see each other now. Can't wait till Thanksgiving.


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