Saturday, January 31, 2009

Over and out

Finals? Over.
Winter Formal? Over.

I am exhausted at this moment. My cousins woke me up at 8am. =(

Yesterday was a longggggg day. Active for roughly 18 hours.
730 AM- got to Amy's, did makeup for like 3 hours.
1030 AM- Hair
1230 AM- Emily came over, OFFICIALLY got ready, steph came over like around 1ish
245 PM- Left to Brian's, then Char's
415ish PM- Went to B's house again for pics. His parents are super pro.
500ish PM- Terry's for corsages + boutonnieres
530ish PM- Full Moon
7ish PM- Pics at Say Cheese in Cerritos
830ish PM- Vanity Fair!
12 AM- Kade took us home
2 AM- Knocked out.

** Pictures will be posted laterrrrr **

Ridiculous. :) It was prettty fun though! Karaoke was the best, although I think I was the only one into it. I looked like a complete idiot. Oh wellsss. Dansinggg was whatevers. Dennis "ballroomed" dance with me. :') My feet still hurt. I have callouses right now and my calves are in pain. Hm, Stephanie looked like a DOLLL. She was soo darn purrrdy! All the guys dropped when she walked into the room. Haha, just kidding :) Well, I know one guy that couldn't keep his eyes off of her. AHEMAHEM. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET, YOU.. YOU... YOU JERK! "ewwww!" teheheheheh

KRISTINE SHOULD OF BEEN THERE. :(Ahh! I missed her soo much. It would of been 1000x better.

honestly, I would of had a lot more fun if my mother left me alone. She kept on calling and calling and everytime she didn't, she was in the back of my mind. I felt so guilty :(

*I felt kinda bad. lol! WHY CAN'T WE JUST TALK? WHY IS IT SO HARD?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Keep calm and carry on

This week is pretty stressful. Finals, WF this Friday. Crazy, crazy, crazy! My life is literally relying on how well I do on the finals. I'm so exhausted, I don't even want to look at a book right now. I'm trying to make plans with Steph + Evon for Friday. don't know what we're doing exactly. I hope we don't lag... Well I don't mind. Fashionably late is the new black. tehhehehe! hmm, I think NINA TON should really go to WF. she should just go without D. Like seriously.

Lots of things are going on in my mind. Useless things, really. Like:

you know for some reason, I say that I completely DO NOT CARE about what went down between us, but I always think about it. always trying to analyze what went wrong. was it something I said or did? or was it something someone else said or did? i want to find out, but i'm scared to face the facts. well. let me ask you this: did you ever think about it? or was it just a "whatevers" thing and i was the one that was fooled? was there even an "IT"?!?!? Maybe there was nothing to begin with!!

"You worry too much" - Andrew Ngo. (I do, Andrew, I do. I'm a worry-wart.)

I know it sounds lame, but when ________ happens, I can't help but think that you're thinking the same thing I'm thinking! yaaa diggg?

I think I would so go for you... if it wasn't for one little obstacle.. HER. This so reminds me of the quote "all the good ones are either taken or gay"

Utter Randomness:
^ Seeing Tommy dance = the best thing that has ever happened to me this year. So thank you Tommy for dancing and gittttin' low! and thank you Randy for putting Tommy in your little skit thingy. HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE.
^ I want! $25 each. Is it worth it?
3) I hated you yesterday cause you called my mom a b-word. I'm sorry, my mom was mean to you, but you crossed the line.
4) Love her V

5) I have a huge crush on Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire. Don't know why. I'm liking nerdy, gawky guys here..

First day of finals = over. Success? Hmm, sorta. AP Lang was amazingly hard. Everyone DIED. Photography was sooo chilll, it went by like that *snaps fingers*. Anatomy was annoying; moderately easy. Tomorrow = USH, Trig, and Espanol. Man, I gotsss it in the bag!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


There are times like these when I wonder where my dad is. I wonder if he's out there and why can't he support me and my ma? I should take it up to court! I'm so ready to meet him and look him square in the eye.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


You stole my Nick Jonas! You realize that? I swear. You know how difficult it is to find someone that reminds me so much of NJ?

I hate you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guilty guilty guilty ... not so guilty?

After 2 years, I ate KFC. I vowed to never eat it due to PETA.

But I now realize that I am anti-PETA because of personal reasons.
Please don't kill me guys.

We were hoping for some romance
All we found was more dispair
We must talk about our problems
We are in a state of Flux -
Bloc Party

You know what's weird? If it wasn't for the Khmer Rouge and all, my family would of gone to France or England. Why couldn't that have been the reality?

Random IM of the day:
kristine quachh: yes you are jealous woman!
Random Comment of the day:
tngo: fell in love with your barbie comparison,
only because i found so much truth in it.
^Speak on, sister.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"i have a Dream"

Here's a random IM that kinda stuck to me for a while:
L3ggomy3gg00s: lol you want too much adventure
It's probably five days old; I'm not too sure. I suppose it's true. Life's too short, you know that? 100 years max is not enough to do anything. I mean how many careers can you possibly pursue? 1-3, right? Here I am wanting to juggle 8 at least. Sheesh ka bob. I want to be an anchorwoman to a restaurant owner to a flipping wedding planner. I swear, I should be Barbie. Now she's my heroine. That girl can do everything. She's an astronaut, policewoman, a doctor, a proud resident of Malibu, an owner of a Dream House and a red, spicy Corvette, etc. All that while maintaining a relationship with Ken?! Beautiful work, Barbie.

Now a lot has been going on in my mind. (So, Peter Doan, if you ever manage to read this again, I hope another piece of your mind does not die. tehehehe)

My purple Nokia works again. I don't know how, but it does. I plugged it into the charger and viola! it started charging and beautifully working. It was most definately a miracle. I was going through it and wow, it's been a year since I turned on that phone. I left an inbox full of 707 messages. And if any of you guys recall my status in December of 07, you'll know what I'm talking about. It brought back memories. It was a weird feeling, actually. Nothing came back. ... It was just weird! Can't believe I talked like that, all love-y dove-y and stufff with the multiple 3's after the "less than" sign.

On to something completely off topic, I've been sitting here at home watching many movies. I watched Jumper and Juno (again) . The only thing I like about Jumper is Hayden and Rachel's relationship. So cute! Juno. I love Juno now. Ellen Page is so funny. Her character says these weird random things that are just so funny. Nina reminds me of her... but a ghetto version. Anyways, I'm super annoyed right now cause my mom decided to bring in a plant from the backyard and all of these almost-microscopic flies are flying around and itching me. It's ridiculous. I feel like they're in my hair..

So I found my winter formal dress and shoes. Both equaling up to $40. I love deals. The shoes are like 3-4 inches high depending on where you measure, cause I frankly do not know. You know what? Girls spend so much time for guys. At times, it's painful. "Beauty is pain". It's horrifying. We wax, pluck, shave, curl, straighten, etc. At times you burn yourself. and waxing is so painful! I freaking cry up a storm at the salon. Plus, I nearly gave myself a stroke due to stress because I couldn't find a dress. Sheesh man, sheeesh. We should just go back to Adam + Eve's days and love each other while looking like cavemen. (Totally not saying that A&E are cavemen..)

Here's something weird: So JB had a live chat yesterday at 2pm (or 5pm EST) and I missed it because of church. But guess what? I did not care. Like at all. During the summer when JB had their concert in Anaheim and Irvine, I was like in mourning. It was pathetic. I mean, I still love them. But not as much, I suppose?

I miss Stephanie K and Kristine. I haven't talked to them in a while. I make it a priority to talk to them regularly, but I failed. =[ I left my old phone, the Blue Machine, with my SIM card at my aunt's and I won't have it till tomorrow.

Here's another thing: (ok, as you can tell, I haven't blogged in a while) So Friday. Karate. No Sensei. It was DISGUSTING. I was (and still am) utterly *yecchhhhhh'ed* out. I mean, they were making googly eyes at each other. He's 17. She's 22. C'mon now. Seriously. It was sick. He looks at her like a puppy, full of adoration. Was I jealous? IDK. I repeat: it was sick.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Va va vooom <3

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Wow. wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
Why? why why why why why why why

Will you change your mind?
Can I steal you away?

When I heard the news.. I.. I can't even explain it! All know is that I truly felt it in my stomach. Disgusting, but heartbreaking at the same time. I mean, I began to like you again!

Utter Randomness:
1. I'm watching the Golden Globes.
2. I'm in love with some dresses, I post pictures later
3. I'm using my laptop! :) Reunited!
4. JB is presenting at the GGs. Not very fond of Nick' velvet suit.

Friday, January 9, 2009


You give me butterflies without saying a word.
One look and I'm knocked out.

Tehehehheehhee, so blogians, karate today was reeaaallll good. =') And those faithful to my blogs will know what .. or whom I'm talking about. DISCLAIMER: he has hazel/mixed eyes.

Back to earth, we didn't say a word to each other. Lame? I know don't remind me.  I'll grow some balls.. or maybe he should and take the initiative!!!!

Utter Randomness:
1. Dakota Fanning is lookin' classsy! V
I remember her from Uptown Girls, sheeesh.

2. I love love love Neutrogena's pink grapefruit face cleanser.
I think I washed my face 3 times today. Seriously.
3. If I continue with karate, I would be able to go to Peru, Serbia, or PARIS to compete in international competition. I pray that this passion does not die out. Going global will help me so much with college funds. I wish I never quit. I would of been able to go to Tokyo.. all expenses paid. Oh the regrets!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

green eyed blues.

I went back to karate yesterday. Best two hours of my life. I didn't realize how much I missed it till I walked in the dojo and smelled the oh so familar scent of plastic mats mingled with sweat. Eau de Karate No.5 =] Okay, nevermind. Blog jokes don't work.. Anyways, sensei went easy on me. He really did. Sigh, well I'll really find out if I'm really out of shape on Friday.

So my fellow Blog-ians, if you recall my previous blogs from one-two years ago on Xanga, you'll remember my "green eyed cutie". Unfortunately I did not see him yesterday, but I will on Friday. WISH ME LUCK. My heart is going pitter-patter at this very second. I wish that we'lll finally start talking after 2-3 years. =( Pathetic.

Jordan- "If _ _ _ _ _ _ was here, he would not talk to you, AT ALL"

Ok, I'm such a drama queen.

Monday, January 5, 2009


I can't find a WF dress.


Hopelessly devoted

I spent an hour reading my past blogs.
Foolish me.
I say things without thinking; it's ridiculous!

Anyways, I've been thinking about my New Year resolutions. I haven't decided on any yet. Maybe I won't label them as "resolutions". and maybe I won't have goals, really. Perhaps I should start giving everything my all and once I reach a certain limit, I should go beyond that. Impossible is nothing. There are no limits.

I want to improve on my writing. I'm working on that children's book I mentioned in my previous blog. To tell you the truth, writing a piece for children is.. is.. excruciating! You have to simplify and make things easy to comprehend, all while engaging the audience. I'm so used to writing with a so-called "flair" and my usual audience is my English teacher.

I also want to master the art of photography. =] Mr. Aldous made me so happy today with his comment on my "Favorites". I'm actually pretty excited to go to the OC Museum of Art.


So other than my "goals" (uh oh, I just labeled them..), I watched Two-A-Days while getting ready for school this morning. I was like.. crying on the inside because that show is SO OLD. =( I'm getttin' old. I think the day I stop watching Disney Channel is the day I'm officially "old"; ancient, even! I swear, I have a Peter Pan mentality.

I think I'm having a 1/4 .. or 1/6 life crisis here.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year

My recent blogs do not have much meaning to them. Nor do they have subliminal messages. Just rants and rambles about random things (I can't think of another "R" word). Winter break has been semi fulfilling, but for some reason, I feel that I spent it without meaning. I felt like a "human without a cause". What a wasteful two weeks.

I lost it. I lost my motivation. I feel wasteful. I feel like a couch potato. I don't want my life to whither away anymore!!! From now on, I will be productive.

I complain that my life sucks. I complain that I "work too hard and too much". Who am I kidding? Honestly, Victoria. One, you have so much in life you should be thankful for and two, if you want to achieve more get off your butt and do it!

You don't work hard enough.
You expect things to come easy.
Oh, grow up. You're 17 already.
You want to do more, you want to be more.
Yet, you don't do anything.

I regret not spending time with my parents this break. Sure, I was home, but I was stuck in my room spending time with the television instead. I regret not being with Hannah and Esther. Oh goodness, I love them so much. They're like my.. kryptonite and my sacred cows put together.

Psalm 37: 1-4
"Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong; for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away. Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. "

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shadow of a doubt

I haven't blogged since Christmas. Life's moving on so quickly! Winter break is already over. As soon as January hits, it's all going to go by fast. Not looking forward to school. I need to finish my essay. I decided to write about a pinecone. So now I have to find some sort of meaning of life in it. Thanks Ms. Rose for ruining my winter break!

Anyways, Stephanie and Kristine threw me a birthday party! Thanks x a million!!! I have some pretty awesome friends, gottta tell you that. :) Although it started off with a rocky start, thanks to my parents, it was reallllll fun! Started off with BBQ, then some ping pong, and ended with a confusing, but exciting game of Clue. Oh, and Andrew made a prettty bomb cake. How'd he know that whipped cream is my favoriteee?! Stephanie K went as well! So my LQ friends finally met her!

So in conclusion, Winter Break consisted of:
10+ movies
15+ episodes of Law and Order: SVU
4 birthday cakes + a birthday creme brulee!
17 kisses from Esther
5+ days that Stephanie slept over
1897238971 cotton balls used to do my nails
1 Burnin' Up with the Jonas Brothers
1 Camp Rock blanket
2 homemade cards from my babes
1 corn salad party
2 guacamole parties
0 countdowns to the new year =(
52358923051231 pictures taken
1 horrible misunderstanding with parents
0 winter formal dresses =/

Speaking of winter formal dresses, I really like this one that Demi's wearing. It's simple, yet unique. I love the sequinss! Dunno if I could rock red lips though.