Monday, January 5, 2009

Hopelessly devoted

I spent an hour reading my past blogs.
Foolish me.
I say things without thinking; it's ridiculous!

Anyways, I've been thinking about my New Year resolutions. I haven't decided on any yet. Maybe I won't label them as "resolutions". and maybe I won't have goals, really. Perhaps I should start giving everything my all and once I reach a certain limit, I should go beyond that. Impossible is nothing. There are no limits.

I want to improve on my writing. I'm working on that children's book I mentioned in my previous blog. To tell you the truth, writing a piece for children is.. is.. excruciating! You have to simplify and make things easy to comprehend, all while engaging the audience. I'm so used to writing with a so-called "flair" and my usual audience is my English teacher.

I also want to master the art of photography. =] Mr. Aldous made me so happy today with his comment on my "Favorites". I'm actually pretty excited to go to the OC Museum of Art.


So other than my "goals" (uh oh, I just labeled them..), I watched Two-A-Days while getting ready for school this morning. I was like.. crying on the inside because that show is SO OLD. =( I'm getttin' old. I think the day I stop watching Disney Channel is the day I'm officially "old"; ancient, even! I swear, I have a Peter Pan mentality.

I think I'm having a 1/4 .. or 1/6 life crisis here.

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