Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shadow of a doubt

I haven't blogged since Christmas. Life's moving on so quickly! Winter break is already over. As soon as January hits, it's all going to go by fast. Not looking forward to school. I need to finish my essay. I decided to write about a pinecone. So now I have to find some sort of meaning of life in it. Thanks Ms. Rose for ruining my winter break!

Anyways, Stephanie and Kristine threw me a birthday party! Thanks x a million!!! I have some pretty awesome friends, gottta tell you that. :) Although it started off with a rocky start, thanks to my parents, it was reallllll fun! Started off with BBQ, then some ping pong, and ended with a confusing, but exciting game of Clue. Oh, and Andrew made a prettty bomb cake. How'd he know that whipped cream is my favoriteee?! Stephanie K went as well! So my LQ friends finally met her!

So in conclusion, Winter Break consisted of:
10+ movies
15+ episodes of Law and Order: SVU
4 birthday cakes + a birthday creme brulee!
17 kisses from Esther
5+ days that Stephanie slept over
1897238971 cotton balls used to do my nails
1 Burnin' Up with the Jonas Brothers
1 Camp Rock blanket
2 homemade cards from my babes
1 corn salad party
2 guacamole parties
0 countdowns to the new year =(
52358923051231 pictures taken
1 horrible misunderstanding with parents
0 winter formal dresses =/

Speaking of winter formal dresses, I really like this one that Demi's wearing. It's simple, yet unique. I love the sequinss! Dunno if I could rock red lips though.

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