Sunday, November 30, 2008


I finally watched Twilight. It was okay. Honestly, I think I liked it because of Robert Pattinson. He was soo attractive and "brooding"! Unfortunately, his voice was horrific; he sounded like a chinese fob =/ the producers/director should of had him keep his British accent. it would be of been 100x sexier! I'm in love with his bedroom/lazy eyes. Very captivating! Man, I've liked him eversince he was Cedric Diggory in HP4, but no one seemed to agree. WHATEVER. =) At first I thought Kristin Stewart was too plain for Bella, but actually, she's really pretty! simple, but pretty. :) I really like her as an actress. Anyways, I've decided to finish the book and continue on with the series. Yes, I've joined the bandwagon..

So last night was incredibly hard for me :'( KQ went to go see the jonas brothers @ MGM. Oh how I wish I was there. Good thing, Steph was there to comfort me.. however when she realized that Kristine got in for free, she was sad, as well. Hardest night of my life!!! I swear, I will go see them. It's a self-promise. ROFL. Man, I think i can be so juvenile at times.

btw! Nip/Tuck's coming back! :)
you have 20+ hours worth of TV you need to catch up on.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


This weekend has been such a blast. Steph and I haven't had kesomakang time in FOREVER. so this weekend has brought back summer for us. i'm thankful that she's here. rofl

so black friday was a bust. i just bought 5 vnecks from pacsun. what I wanted = a leather jacket, boots, cardigans. =/ oh well I least i saved up! The sales were depressing but i went really late. like 1pm-ish rofl that probably explains why. bummmmer

so today: michael's and Twilight.

I'm extremely happy that Britney's back. I dont care that she aged. I still love her. Besides, it's natural; that's what pregnancy does to you!

one of my life goals is to go to one of her concerts :')

Thursday, November 27, 2008

KesomaKang once again

we haven't had one in foreverrrr
so fun, so fun ROFL.

some "photo ops" (in my backyard... and in my bathroom) :

Backyard Hooligans:

We couldn't resist:

Of course, it's all fake.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

a cult

I'm not fond of Twilight, but I'm quite fond of Rob Patz.

He is a beautiful man with this indescribable rugged-ness that I find incredibly irresistible.

Friday, November 21, 2008

"Would there be fashion without the opposite sex?"

I remember hearing this question somewhere and I don't know what to think of it.

I guess we tend to dress up and worry about clothing because of boys. We're always trying to impress.

But, fashion is an art, just like painting, writing, and sculpting.

ahha, I like to think about these things (:

So. Today's Gl's blood drive. And my arm ached the whole day.

Problem is...
I didn't donate.
Just the thought of needles and blood scared the living daylights out of me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"When she finally forgets you

- don't you dare remember her"

To 3 different people:

1) It's so weird now. I don't want things to happen.

.. I think you're thinking things that you shouldn't be thinking.
so, stop it! get it out of your brain!
I don't want this to jeopardize our friendship.

... okay maybe?

2) and as for you, why'd you have to go and do that for?
it's like you're mad at me for some reason.

or is it jealousy?

I shouldn't have told you.
How inconsiderate of me..
You don't talk about other girls.
ok, maybe you're not jealous.
but still, i shouldn't have done that.

I'm sorry.

3) I'm obviously still attached to you.
We don't have much in common and
we hardly keep up a good conversation.
so, I have two questions:
"Why do I care so much?" &
"What are you thinking?"

"Denial's a good thing for you, V.
It'll help you forget. " -SKang.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

"It's a luxury to worry" - Ms. Rose

It's finally a saturday. I'm up early to help prepare for the church thanksgiving. I know, why so early? thanksgiving is 2 weeks away! honestly, I have no idea.

so yesterday night was NOT fun. susie wasn't able to pick me up to go to steph's. so we couldn't go to the magic lamp. so i just stayed home. talked to kristine for an hour or so. then Jennifer Q. HAHAHHHAHAHA "BOOKSTACK" (that's his new name, k?) ahh, so funny. i love our talks. i hit the sack at like 11 or so. man, i'm such a homebody.

this week went by pretty fast considering the fact that i had two days off and that monday felt like a friday.

hm, while i was busy studying =P i heard the game on thursday was incredibly fun. oh how i regret not going, I WAS AT MY AUNT'S HOUSE, TOO. whateverrrrrrrrrs! =)

I finally talked to william after like what?? a thousand years. he's still the same. bugs me about hw and that 4.0 (which is impossible at this point). we had a good talk. helped me out with some things. ROFLL "trusts!"

anyways, idgaf anymore. i doesn't matter what went down. i'm not going to resolve it or figure out why. it's been biting at me for the longest time. but now, I shall forget =)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm currently obsessed with

Oral B's Professional Care 8850.
Although I do want the 9900
I have teeth-phobia,
I'm such a dork

I love

John Legend.

I would marry him..if I could.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I love 2010, man! :) Homecoming was great!

ahem-ahem, WE TIED FOR FIRST. 2010 ftw
another headline breaking news: LQ WON THE HC GAME!

I thinkkkk all of those practices were (sort of) worth it. (: It feels great to be tied for 1st... although it would of been BETTER if we won. ;) but who cares! congrats to 09! they did awesome. aw heck, good job to '11 and '12 as well. :) Esp '11, they did super well. I was scared for my life when they performed.

Hc game highlights- well for one, we won. LQ FTW!!!
but kristine was there as well <3

Hmmm, saturday was fun. spent time with the furious 5 and a bunch of other kids. such a fattening day! pancakes for breakfast, pasta for lunch, pizza for dinner. + smoothies and cake. :( there's no justification for such gluttony.

still stuck. i won't give up or let go 'till i find out

Thursday, November 6, 2008



we shall dominate.