Friday, July 31, 2009

i'm going in for the kill, doing it for the thrill

want this hair.

haven't found many pictures lately. don't have much time anymore.

worked all day @ andrew's. i'm praying to past ASB spirits that they'll help us carry the torch. i'm so pooped, flies are circling me. har har, i'm funny. + lunch @ amy's for steph's early birthday. homemade cali rolls, yummy chicken quesadillas, pesto with angel hair, sun dried tomatos and grilled chicken. i'm sorry it was small, you deserve a lot better.

what i noticed today? you're... you're just so frustrating. one day i like-like you, the next day, i hate you. one day, you treat me like a princess, the next day, i'm shit. my conclusion? i hate you for making my emotions go topsy turvy. F you.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do do do your dirty words

Been there done that messed around,
I'm having fun don't put me down
I'll never let you sweep me off my feet.
I won't let you in again,
The messages I've tried to send,
My information's just not going in.
Burning bridges shore to shore,
I'll break away from something more
I'm not to not to love until it's cheap.
Been there done that messed around
I'm having fun don't put me down,
I'll never let you sweep me off my feet.
This time baby I'll be bulletproof,
This time baby I'll be bulletproof.

I won't let you turn around
And tell me now I'm much too proud
To walk away from something when it's dead.
Do do do your dirty words
Come out to play when you are heard
There's certain things that should be left unsaid.
Tick tick tick tick on the watch
And life's too short for me to stop
Oh baby, your time is running out.
I won't let you turn around
And tell me now I'm much too proud
All you do is fill me up with doubt.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

So we're bound to linger on

I'm naked
I'm numb
I'm stupid
I'm staying
And if Cupid's got a gun, then he's shootin'

Lights black;
heads bang
You're my drug
We live it
You're drunk, you need it
Real love, I'll give it
So we're bound to linger on
We drink the fatal drop
Then love until we bleed
Then fall apart in parts

Saturday, July 25, 2009

i refuse

to switch to tumblr. i refuse. i heard it's much easier (and better looking) than blogspot, but i've put so much into this blog, i can't bear to part from it. maybe i'll start a tumblr in college... but then again, blogging in college? really? hm, i'll think about it.

this weekend was really sweet. my couzos + stephanie k slept over. my cousins would of stayed longer but esther was homesick so she started crying. :') preciousnessss. her parents came at like 1 am to pick them up.

swimming, shopping, picked out clothes for hannah, gave hannah a mani/pedi, marley and me, confessions of a shopaholic, cousins left, tv marathon, marshall's, stater's, mexican market, fajitas. steph + me = lazy bums. this summer we've been so bummy. it's ridiculous. we don't even take pictures anymore like we used to. sa'llll righttt.

back2school soon. currently composing a list of what i need to buy. frankly, i really don't need anything really. asb should cover my wardrobe...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

avery pkwy

ani's house for costumes
bible study
....that's it.
lame? I know.

we argued again. you just don't realize that the things you do give off a "cold" vibe and it hurts other people around you. no matter what I say, you still refuse to admit it. whatever.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"she had a world of chances"

it's scary how much she reminds me of myself.

i'm a harry pot-head. did you know that?

just ordered this.

this just came in.

summer hasn't been all that relaxing. whatever. mm, i'm tired.

i miss you.
i miss hanging out with you every weekend.
and i miss our 5 million sleepovers a month.
we've been busy. lame.

just finished downloading Demi's new album, Here We Go Again, from iTunes. I really really like it.

i need a "must-read" book list. i plan on expanding my library. thing is, i really don't have room for anything... or time for that matter. but i just ordered the memory keeper's daughter, the time traveler's wife, and pink slip. currently juggling the importance of being earnest, how to read literature like a professor, and atonement. so far, my fave is how to read. : ) very entertaining and eye opening.

hey dear, it's been a while. i kinda miss it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I really want to date a black guy. not too ghettto, not completely white washed but perfect and completely in the middle : ) I feel that they have the perfect amount of manliness in them, hehehehhehe

Saturday, July 11, 2009

feeels good, don't it

these are on sale...

i really want her dress..

love the whole ripped tights look

totally snagging that tank for myself.

just got back from oceanside village, near the beach. awesome antique shops and boutiques. i love where i live, i do. i noticed though, while walking around the streets, there wasn't a single Asian in sight. they treated us differently, too. what happened to unbiased customer service?

hearbreaks at 17

I think we care to much about dating at this age. we're young and no where near settling down. from my cynical point of view about love; what's really the point of getting into a relationship at this age?

I'll contradict myself when I start dating again. I know I will.


I want to go to a rave, but I opt for sobriety, cut offs, and leather verses lingerie, tutus, Rainbow Brite look-alikes, and pacifiers.

i'm a h8r

i finally read what you wrote about me in your blog. Haha, I had to go back a couple of months. someone told me it was about me because it completely mimiced what i wrote. why did i decide to read it today? i guess I'm a little bit bored. my mom's lagging on teaching me how to sew. we're supposed to go to the beach later. first off, my blog (the one you responded you) wasn't even about you. why are you so paranoid? anyways, i really don't know how i feel about you. i don't dislike you, i don't hate you. i mean, i don't have any reason to, you know? we just stopped talking, just because. i honestly don't know why. you apologized, i apologized, but we just stopped talking. and I really don't care. if we start talking again, good for us. if we don't, it's quite okay. i still respect you. you were one of my closest friends and yeah, at times I do miss talking to you.

you know what? whatever happens, happens. c'est la vie.

and now i'm going to go eat some captain crunch with vanilla ice cream. yum

Friday, July 10, 2009

why, what a hobby

I think I enjoy making my life harder than it should be. I'm incredibly complicated and sometimes I like it like that. It's entertaining, it is. but at times I get tired of it. it gets exhausting. I mean I don't have to get upset over every little thing that goes wrong, do I? lately I've realized that I've become such a drama queen. its embarrassing, really. I throw more hissy fits than people would ever know. how childish of me! I blame it on the "only-child-syndrome". its a bad excuse, I know. its hard for me to adjust to change. if things don't go a certain way, I can't adapt. its something I've been trying to work on. I have to put more effort into this lost cause, though.
another thing I've noticed is that I put myself into situations where i fill up my plate to the point where I can't finish what I started. you know the saying "you bit off more than you can chew" I've made promises I regret but I can't let people down. I just wish I never guaranteed them anything. I mean, I'll pull it off someway, but it won't be as good as I promised them to be.
another thing; I complicate my life with unworthy people. I'm too nice to them. I guess you could say that I cpuld be a people pleaser, its my weakness. so bad, so bad. my mom warned me about it, but I didn't agree with her. now I realize that mommy knows best.

never got to say this

but I'm super happy and excited that I'm rooming with Steph @ asb camp! hehe everyone's jealous, I know. she's totally not a "random" roommate, is she?


i couldn't even wake up.
asb prac
learned the transformers dance. pretty epic.
popeyes & jamba w/ steph, michael, brian bui, & duy
good talk with michael @ jamba while waiting for the rest
drove to steph's :''''( i'm so sorry!!!!!!
more dance prac
reminisced w/ michael, andrew ngo, angela, & evon :')
back to my aunt's
pho with parents
USA thursday
completed my outfit for jungle fever

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This week

a little bit

"Hands down, I'm too proud for love. But with eyes shut, it's you I'm thinking of"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"i'm 'yeah' with *blank* now"

I haven't blogged in forever! it used to be a "twice-a-week" kind of thing, but now there's not much worth blogging about.

what's been going on this summer? well nothing really, except ASB and simple, plain hanging out. I thought I would regain energy and strength this summer, but NOPE! I'm absolutely dead tired.

at certain points during the day I feel as if I'm fading away. I've become jaded and nothing is special to me anymore. I have this "idgaf" attitude and I hate it! my goal this summer is to cut it.

susie just made a calendar of upcoming events with family&church. busy, busy! movie night tomorrow, yay! hoooray for precious G-rated flicks! senior pictures- july 8th! gah! they have to turn out PERFECT just for once, its my last chance. I told my aunt about it and she gave me a lecture on how to smile cause according to my family, my smile is too big. how come asians don't smile with their teeth?! they always half ass their smiles! anyways, she said "smile with your eyes. models don't smile with teeth" sounds very Tyra...