Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"i'm 'yeah' with *blank* now"

I haven't blogged in forever! it used to be a "twice-a-week" kind of thing, but now there's not much worth blogging about.

what's been going on this summer? well nothing really, except ASB and simple, plain hanging out. I thought I would regain energy and strength this summer, but NOPE! I'm absolutely dead tired.

at certain points during the day I feel as if I'm fading away. I've become jaded and nothing is special to me anymore. I have this "idgaf" attitude and I hate it! my goal this summer is to cut it.

susie just made a calendar of upcoming events with family&church. busy, busy! movie night tomorrow, yay! hoooray for precious G-rated flicks! senior pictures- july 8th! gah! they have to turn out PERFECT just for once, its my last chance. I told my aunt about it and she gave me a lecture on how to smile cause according to my family, my smile is too big. how come asians don't smile with their teeth?! they always half ass their smiles! anyways, she said "smile with your eyes. models don't smile with teeth" sounds very Tyra...

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