Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"she had a world of chances"

it's scary how much she reminds me of myself.

i'm a harry pot-head. did you know that?

just ordered this.

this just came in.

summer hasn't been all that relaxing. whatever. mm, i'm tired.

i miss you.
i miss hanging out with you every weekend.
and i miss our 5 million sleepovers a month.
we've been busy. lame.

just finished downloading Demi's new album, Here We Go Again, from iTunes. I really really like it.

i need a "must-read" book list. i plan on expanding my library. thing is, i really don't have room for anything... or time for that matter. but i just ordered the memory keeper's daughter, the time traveler's wife, and pink slip. currently juggling the importance of being earnest, how to read literature like a professor, and atonement. so far, my fave is how to read. : ) very entertaining and eye opening.

hey dear, it's been a while. i kinda miss it.

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Jennifer Anne Minnie Ng.<3 said...

The Time Traveler's Wife is sooooooo good! =') And Rachel McAdams is also going to be in the movie =)