Wednesday, October 14, 2009

long time, no see

hello : ) just stopping by for a visit.
I really do love tumblr. it's SO easy and pretty organized.

gooooooooz night! It's 12:30 and I'm up for no apparent reason. I did not have any homework whatsoever. LAME.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I've moved on.

tumblr's less frustrating.
i can upload photos a lot quicker.

aw fuck, i think i'll blog on both. hehe I can't bear to part with blogger.

---- decided that blogger will be my public diary. and tumblr will just be... tumblr. VISIT BOTH!

OMG WHAT AM I DOING. IT'S 9:45 AND I STILL NEED TO DO PHYSICS. i hate the internado.

it was silent as a butterfly

Hello, October. Hello college apps. Terrified, but excited and anxious. I could almost smell college life. I. Can't. Wait. Yums, sneak peek of the Master's - October 22-24 with Stephanie!!! It'll be a Christian version of ASB camp, LAWLS. I'm sad that I can't be at the homecoming assembly though. Oh welllps. IT'S WORTH IT.

School's slowly picking up. I'm feeling the cram, the pressure, the stress. Maybe it's because college applications are out? Or maybe it's because I wrote my first AP Lit essay today? I know I didn't do well.

You know I've always complained or nagged when someone has "changed". But honestly, who hasn't changed? We act like we've remained the same from day 1, but we're just fooling ourselves. Says the infamous and cliche 6th grade GATE theme: Change is inevitable. People drift apart, people grow closer. People. Change. I've grown accustomed to it. Sure, people change in good ways and in bad ways, but I'm starting a new thing in my life. I shouldn't snub people who changed negatively 'cause sooner or later, I'll probably do the same. It's life. I should stay around, if I care.. I'm sorry. We're not all perfect. I. Too. Have. Changed.

I'm pathetically horrible at keeping in touch with people. If I don't talk to you in a few days, I probably won't for weeks.. I'll probably say hi, make small talk, or whatnot, but sadly I don't make the effort. I'm ashamed of myself, I feel bad. I'm trying to fix it. Give me time!!

-We're so consumed with our own busy lives. I'm sad that we hardly talk or see each other now. Can't wait till Thanksgiving.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

i am bitter,

Saturday, September 26, 2009

they call her my "protege"

welcome back assembly.

The Circus.

one saturday afternoon

Got back from BT with Leakana. I love Peet's. Thanks to Kristine and Tommmmmy for visiting me. Love them!

Finally, this week is over. I've never been so exhausted and tired. Welcome Back assembly was alrights. GO 2010!!!! SEN10RS!!!!!!!!!! I think going balls to the wall when Azcona introduced the seniors was the highlight of the assembly. Sure hope people liked the costumes. Kade did! I was so happy when he told me.

Dance. oh, the dance.. I had fun, I was bored, I was sick, I was annoyed, I was disgusted, I was estatic. I was TIRED. FC boys were such whores. I loved it. So happy Kristine was there. I've missed seeing her. I love Kevin Dao :') HE'S SUCH A SWEETHEART.

I wouldn't say that I was sad* (sorry, not 'happy') to see you, but I would say that I was sad and ashamed to say that I caught myself being fake and/or acting like you didn't exist when you were 2 feet away from me. I just didn't know what to say or do. But if we're "better off as friends" I should act like you're a friend and not an enemy. I'm sorry, but I have to admit, being friends, or TRYING to be friends with you is really hard. I feel like all I could do is say "hi"... and that's it. I mean, it's not the same.

"AW HELL NO. AW HELL NO" hehe. I love Nina and Jerrri.

"Is it just me or are LQ people sluttier than other schools?"
"We're slutty. We dance slutty, we dress slutty."
HAHAHAHHA..... actually, I'm embarrassed..

Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm really in a talkative mode and I really don't know why. It keeps my mind busy and I like being busy.

So my mom's friend "hired" me to do her family portraits. I'm getting paid. Weird, right? I sincerely thank my mom for being the best "MOMAGER" ever!!! Thanks for bragging about me, even though I'm really not that great... hehe. Can't wait to use my uncle's SLR camera. and I really hope to do well. Cross your fingers for me. Pointers/tips/advice, please. If I do well, my mom promised me my own SLR camera for my 18th. She was so quick to say yes, too. I shall not let her down!!! NEVER. Photography is the one hobby I did not let go of such as piano, violin, or karate. Honestly, I don't even deserve this opprotunity. I'm pure amateur. I'm nervous, I don't know much. But, I'll try to learn in a short amount of time.

Three... no four people asked me today. Bad timing, no?

Sunday, September 20, 2009


it doesn't feel right because i don't have homework right now and many of my friends are busy... i feel guilty for blogging and watching Law and Order while everyone else is working : \

i feel like doing my infamous lists of complete randomness. remember those on my MyS? tehehe...

1. i want to live in san fran
2. or rhode island.
3. or georgia.
4. i need to throw a Gatsby-inspired party.
5. i'm tired of living far. i'm tired of sitting in the car for hours on end.
6. i really do love my girls.
7. i miss stephanie kang
8. you're unreliable.
9. everything you said.. probably doesn't matter anymore. all talk.
10. you'll always be my fave freshie. till the end.
11. idc that we hardly talk, i could still go to you and you'll always support me, as i would for you.
12. i really.. miss you.
13. i'm okay............? am i? really?

i've been blogging way too much. gotta slow my roll.
how'd i go up to 26 posts in March...?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

"it's hard to move on without looking back"

Eh. Bleh. It hit me hard. Whatever. :)
When things start too quickly, they end pretty quickly. That's life!

It's nothing, really. I'm such an over thinker.... Embarrassing.
Lesson learned, that's for sure.

Heh, I'm happy though. I am.

Friday, September 18, 2009

faded glory

these pictures, though taken through my phone and are not that great , have inspired me on my area of concentration for photography. i'm officially going to do "the fabrics of life". School, especially my photography class and Mr. Aldous, has inspired me to master photography. i'm excited, I really am. I just miss the dark room with such great passion!!! i loved the suspense in watching it develop and the frustrations of making its contrast absolutely perfect.

i'm kind of sad about this school year. i haven't been keeping in touch with a lot of people and I mean LQ people.. i'm so bad! I miss J.Troung, especially.. I only talk to people who are super close to me, or in ASB. I'm a horrible friend. I'm sorry.

i really miss talking to you. but don't worry about me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


tell me i'm overthinking things. and make me feel stupid for doing so.

and since when did i ever need reassurance? i was never like this. i was always the "fuck it"-Miss Independent-Kelly Clarkson status. where did this come from? i'm kind of embarrassed.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the most evident utensil,
is none other than a pencil.
writer tell me what you want from me
before my paper is through.

why can't i leave my scabs alone

i need to stop. before i go crazy. i worry about everything, really. esp my family. i guess i worry too much, to the point where it consumes me. i've... been tense lately.

Something's Gotta Give. I love Jack Nicholson.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

new wave

I LOVE LOVE LOVE GLEE. This show is seriously the best.

i can't think of titles anymore

last first weekend after last first two days of high school.. heh.

I love my classes. I LOVE THEM!!!
1. photo2
2. leadership
3. ap lit
4. physics
5. civics

they're so fun! AP Lit intimidates me, though. But I have a feeling that I'm going to learn so much in that class. I'm not aiming for an A, a B is fine, but I think the experience is worth it. ASB is always entertaining. Physics is fun. Civics is too. I always get those 2 mixed up. Physics.. Civics.. gah! they just don't roll off my tongue very well.

I'm still getting used to being a senior. it feels weird. I don't feel old enough, I guess.

Tony came to visit me yesterday during 6th!!! I was so happy :')

thanks to Kristine for getting me the AA figure skater dresss!!! OMG. im so excited.

last first football game.. was boring. *yawn* it was fun during the first half, crazy really! I love Kade, so funny. :') but, then it winded out.. gah.

RIP Kevin Telles. :l I don't know him, nor did I witness it, but I'm still choked up. Life is too uncertain. My thoughts go out to his family, his friends, and GGHS.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

you got me

last night of summer 09. senior year, the year I've been waiting for my entire life. Honestly, I never thought I would actually reach this year. it seemed too far, too impossible. but, damn, it's tomorrow. I'm excited, I am. nervous? sure. all in all, I've gotta good feeling about this year. :)

mmm summer of 09. I wouldn't say it's my favorite summer, or even one of the best summers of my life. But, I think it gave me a lot of opprotunities to learn, to learn about everything and everyone to a certain extent. I learned to prioritize the things in my life: family, church, friends, school, future etc. I wish that ASB didn't take up most of my summer, but then again I wouldn't have been able to cherish the moments I had with my family or friends outside of ASB. I learned to not be so self-centered around the ones I love most because they're only "gifts" to me, I don't deserve them and on top of that, I take them for granted.

I'm sad, like TERRIBLY sad that Steph and I didn't get to see each other AT ALL this summer. well, rarely. this better not be the end of our 5 million sleepovers, shopping trips, and poolside tannings. I miss ya, girl. :( can't wait till college, when we'll see each other every day. back2school shopping wasn't the same without her. DEPRESSING, actually. 'cause who goes shopping without her bfffffffffffffffff?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

this is cute. tswift is in the bg.

it's late. i need a break from Atonement. I hate Briony.. why can't high school english teachers assign books with happy endings? i don't understand. i downloaded colbie caillat's Breakthrough album. it's good. she never gets old. went back2school supply shopping today. i love the feel of new notebooks and pens. semi-excited for school now.. thanks to my new JONAS folders. yee, w'sup. talked to T tonight. he's so punny. sorry i live in SD, his daily complaint. i want to strangle him..... asb meeting tomorrow @ 12. need to finish the fucking counter!!! and the calendar!!! i love my position..

i want some. right. now.
mocha, yum. mint avalanche, yum. red velvet, yum. cream cheese, yum.

ah ma'fuck. it's almost 2. i'm watching comedians of chelsea lately. i'm going to regret it tomorrow morning. i hate waking up early just to go to my aunt's. FML.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

elastic smiles

school's almost here. i have so much to do... i should just ditch the first day. oh fuck, i lost my schedule. but I think I memorized it, hopefully. speaking of school, I need to start on those scholarships. Why do I procrastinate so much?

-i've been spending so much time with Amy lately. "you're normal now!" hehe, shut up.
-distance and conlicting schedules.. it's hard for us. :( imy!!!
-i subconsciously said "Hi Sparky!" when I went upstairs today... RIP. I miss him. such a faithful and smart dog. I miss having him sleep in my room and I regret kicking him out 'cause I was tired of opening the door for him. I miss him during dinner 'cause he's always at the foot of our chairs, sitting on his butt, begging for food. I kind of knew he was going to go, but still, it kind of hits you.

church guuurls. O:-)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


spent half the day with Ames, too bad she had tennis :( we didn't do much. TV, makeup.. ;), and pool. lotsa (much needed) girl talk. I swears, she's my go-to girl. so thankful for that. just caught up on a lot of things, even though we honestly didn't need "catching up" to do.. girls could talk about everything. excited for Friday! she's gonna come over to my area to go shopping. excited for next year. hopefully Canada, Vegas, and camping. I sincerely miss Stephanie Tu and I'm sad that she has so much on her plate. Ames and I are your biggest supporters so go out there and win AZTEC OF THE YEAR. beat out a lil someone, yeeee thatz wasssup.

I love PixelPipe cause I could blog through my phone....

Yesterday was the first day I realized how much I like you... just sayin'!

hello September.

september's one of my favorite months. I'm honestly excited for school, but there's so much I need to do.

-finish summer assignments
-finish ASB counter
-finish ASB calendar

so many kids are coming back next year. I'm excited! but it doesn't feel right without KQ. I'm so glad we fixed things, it's such a huge sigh of relief. I've missed her. (idk I might of blogged about her already)

I'm desperately trying to stay awake until T finishes his hw. what a lagger :) hehehehe I'll make him do the same on September 9th.

tomorrow: with Amesss! finallly, right? time to squeeeze in one last tan before school.
Thurs: freshmen registration. I hope they'll cooperate with me.

Monday, August 31, 2009


this shit's crazy.
paper bag princess. W, september 09.

it's been hot. extremely hot. i'm going insane. absolutely positively insane. i can't sleep at night. oh gawd... IT'S HOT. i'm sorry, i'm just... it's consuming my mind right now.

registration today. fuck my life. i swears, my life story is like lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events. okay. Started the day off major cramps. Had issues with my book fines 'cause Persichina collected the spiral workbooks earlier last year but for some reason did not turn in my and Andrew's book. Walked half a mile around the school looking for Persichina only to find out he's in Arizona. My ID picture... shit, empty space takes up like half the picture. My fucking name is spelled wrong in the agenda "VISTORIA DO", like wtf? do they even know a Vistoria to make them think it was perfectly okay to put it in there like that? I left the line to change my schedule cause i waited for an hour only to find out that i was 5 minutes away from actually meeting my counselor. Walked around the school for another half a mile to look for paintbrushes only to end up NOT painting the ASB counter. Gosh, i don't even want to mention what happened at home. And Stephanie Kang was there to witness every minute of it. I love her. I've missed hanging out with her and man, can't wait for Labor Day weekend.

So this whole thing going on between us.. I really like it. It's different from what I'm used to, but I like it a whole lot better. it's good, it's real good. i'm happy. tehehe you're so q.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


it's hot.
really hot.

early start tomorrow. i bought cookies and candy. gah i'm such a nice senior.... oh shits, how surreal, we're seniors now. oh pinch me.. i'm excited to work with hao. he's so funnny : ) tehehe, happy birthday to him and An! my fave twinss.

asb bonfire yesterday. it was whateverrs... hehehe :)

i'm dehydrated. feels like asb camp all over again. shitssss.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

state of flux

if i say anything, it's going to be obvious.

so, i'll say this:

i'm just really fucking confused right now.
what do i do..

amy says to not think about it.
i should be cautious.
i suppose i complicate things. i overthink.

black keys

i'm watching 'what a girl wants' with amanda bynes. now i know this movie is super cute and i love it, but sometimes i really hate it. yeah, it got me thinking about my father. i made a pact to not think about him and all but, it's hard not to. i don't need to say anything to him, nor do i want anything from him, i just want to look at him. that's really all i want to do. i wish it was as easy as amanda bynes made it seem to be in the movie. she jetted off to england, found her dad, and ended up staying with her dad all in a matter of the first 20 minutes of the film. ez as pie. really now?

i've been advised to not worry and that finding him will only cause drama. perhaps it will. at this rate, i don't know i i'll ever see him. i know i'm 17, but when will i ever have time to find him.

ahah funny. amanda bynes' character in the movie is 17. coincidence? is this a calling? hehe.

kind of creepy of me, but i people search'ed him about a year ago. i found possible matches. should i just arrive at his doorstep with my parents' wedding picture? i mean, i could make it all hollywood.

what if he moved to cambodia? what if he's dead? what if he's filthy rich?

will i ever know?


you're taking me out to eat. you're taking me to the beach. and i agreed to both of them, obviously. i just don't know if i should. if you asked me a year ago, i would be all for it. right now? not so much.......? should i give it a go, should i say no? maybe i should just stop rhyming...

why must my history have to keep repeating itself? or.. why do i let it repeat itself?

i'm just in a state on confusion right about now. right before school, too!

i love amy le. she's so smart. i complain about one thing, she instantly gives me a different point of view on it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

just wanted to say

that today's gonna be a good day.

happy birthday stepdad. oh, and Ann Vu, too. hehe

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

tousle me softly

I feel bummy. I feel rushed, pressured even. Fuck the teenage years, I'm over it. Senior registration papers came in. Yikes, this is it, the year I've been waiting for my whole life and the year I've been dreading. Senior year.. the last year of teenage youth. don't get me wrong, I'm so looking foward to the college life, or as I like to call it "adult-youth". Staying at UCSB made me excited to dorm on campus.

Well, all in all, I guess you could say I'm excited for senior year. I mean, who doesn't love a fresh new slate? I honestly feel a new, improved "Victoria" coming in.


Sunday, August 16, 2009


Oh flipping goodness. where to begin with camp. It was one of the best experiences ever. From the moment I stepped onto the bus @ Bolsa to the moment I climbed out of the bus (@ Bolsa, once again), I had a blast.

- Boarded the charter bus @ Bolsa around 1ish.
- Arrived around 4ish, unpacked, settled into our dorms.
- Dinner! UCSB's food is bomb.
- PARTY TIME with the rest of the schools! Starting losing my voice that day.

- Pictures/cheer-offs/AAG/volleyball
- March of the Flags! (Go AUZZZIE!)
- 1st workshop...
- Talent show rehearsal
- JUNGLEEEEE JAMMMMMMMM, well, it wasn't as great as I expected. BUT STILL FUN BECAUSE OF LMFAO!! they came to perform! bestest shit ever.
- Girl talk with the girliess
- Final words and debriefing with Stephanie

- Workshops (Breaking Boundaries, different motivational speakers, etc)
- Talent show!
- UNDER THE BIG TOP! had a blasttt : ) I love Jennifer! She's so bold.

- last workshop with James, Community Projects. Boring, but I learned a lot.
- Closing ceremonies, camp vid! (I saw myself twice or thrice, hehe)
- Awards..... Bringing home a 3rd place trophy. It's okay :'')
- Incredible bonding moment after. it was TOUCHING. LQVE

I've met so many people @ camp, but my favorite would have to be Tony Dang!! He's my male counterpart.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

tweet freeeeek

twidroid is not working. I believe its a sign that I twitter too much.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

tell me, tell me.

andrew's for prac and clothes distribution
ani's for costumes (99% done! *pats self, ani, & jerri on shoulder*)
the lab. urban, buffalo. found the perfect sequin'ed top. $8?! whatta steal.
irvine spec. urban, forever.
palace beauty? planet beauty? near guppyss
fashion young. found stuff for jungle jam (jungle fever?)
whore store.
got home around 11
took an ice cold shower. uncomfortable!

my vs bathing suit came in. my makeup came in. thats it, i'm done with online shopping.


1) i miss it and how it was
2) i missss you.
3) i miss that feeling

Friday, July 31, 2009

i'm going in for the kill, doing it for the thrill

want this hair.

haven't found many pictures lately. don't have much time anymore.

worked all day @ andrew's. i'm praying to past ASB spirits that they'll help us carry the torch. i'm so pooped, flies are circling me. har har, i'm funny. + lunch @ amy's for steph's early birthday. homemade cali rolls, yummy chicken quesadillas, pesto with angel hair, sun dried tomatos and grilled chicken. i'm sorry it was small, you deserve a lot better.

what i noticed today? you're... you're just so frustrating. one day i like-like you, the next day, i hate you. one day, you treat me like a princess, the next day, i'm shit. my conclusion? i hate you for making my emotions go topsy turvy. F you.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do do do your dirty words

Been there done that messed around,
I'm having fun don't put me down
I'll never let you sweep me off my feet.
I won't let you in again,
The messages I've tried to send,
My information's just not going in.
Burning bridges shore to shore,
I'll break away from something more
I'm not to not to love until it's cheap.
Been there done that messed around
I'm having fun don't put me down,
I'll never let you sweep me off my feet.
This time baby I'll be bulletproof,
This time baby I'll be bulletproof.

I won't let you turn around
And tell me now I'm much too proud
To walk away from something when it's dead.
Do do do your dirty words
Come out to play when you are heard
There's certain things that should be left unsaid.
Tick tick tick tick on the watch
And life's too short for me to stop
Oh baby, your time is running out.
I won't let you turn around
And tell me now I'm much too proud
All you do is fill me up with doubt.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

So we're bound to linger on

I'm naked
I'm numb
I'm stupid
I'm staying
And if Cupid's got a gun, then he's shootin'

Lights black;
heads bang
You're my drug
We live it
You're drunk, you need it
Real love, I'll give it
So we're bound to linger on
We drink the fatal drop
Then love until we bleed
Then fall apart in parts

Saturday, July 25, 2009

i refuse

to switch to tumblr. i refuse. i heard it's much easier (and better looking) than blogspot, but i've put so much into this blog, i can't bear to part from it. maybe i'll start a tumblr in college... but then again, blogging in college? really? hm, i'll think about it.

this weekend was really sweet. my couzos + stephanie k slept over. my cousins would of stayed longer but esther was homesick so she started crying. :') preciousnessss. her parents came at like 1 am to pick them up.

swimming, shopping, picked out clothes for hannah, gave hannah a mani/pedi, marley and me, confessions of a shopaholic, cousins left, tv marathon, marshall's, stater's, mexican market, fajitas. steph + me = lazy bums. this summer we've been so bummy. it's ridiculous. we don't even take pictures anymore like we used to. sa'llll righttt.

back2school soon. currently composing a list of what i need to buy. frankly, i really don't need anything really. asb should cover my wardrobe...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

avery pkwy

ani's house for costumes
bible study
....that's it.
lame? I know.

we argued again. you just don't realize that the things you do give off a "cold" vibe and it hurts other people around you. no matter what I say, you still refuse to admit it. whatever.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"she had a world of chances"

it's scary how much she reminds me of myself.

i'm a harry pot-head. did you know that?

just ordered this.

this just came in.

summer hasn't been all that relaxing. whatever. mm, i'm tired.

i miss you.
i miss hanging out with you every weekend.
and i miss our 5 million sleepovers a month.
we've been busy. lame.

just finished downloading Demi's new album, Here We Go Again, from iTunes. I really really like it.

i need a "must-read" book list. i plan on expanding my library. thing is, i really don't have room for anything... or time for that matter. but i just ordered the memory keeper's daughter, the time traveler's wife, and pink slip. currently juggling the importance of being earnest, how to read literature like a professor, and atonement. so far, my fave is how to read. : ) very entertaining and eye opening.

hey dear, it's been a while. i kinda miss it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I really want to date a black guy. not too ghettto, not completely white washed but perfect and completely in the middle : ) I feel that they have the perfect amount of manliness in them, hehehehhehe

Saturday, July 11, 2009

feeels good, don't it

these are on sale...

i really want her dress..

love the whole ripped tights look

totally snagging that tank for myself.

just got back from oceanside village, near the beach. awesome antique shops and boutiques. i love where i live, i do. i noticed though, while walking around the streets, there wasn't a single Asian in sight. they treated us differently, too. what happened to unbiased customer service?

hearbreaks at 17

I think we care to much about dating at this age. we're young and no where near settling down. from my cynical point of view about love; what's really the point of getting into a relationship at this age?

I'll contradict myself when I start dating again. I know I will.


I want to go to a rave, but I opt for sobriety, cut offs, and leather verses lingerie, tutus, Rainbow Brite look-alikes, and pacifiers.

i'm a h8r

i finally read what you wrote about me in your blog. Haha, I had to go back a couple of months. someone told me it was about me because it completely mimiced what i wrote. why did i decide to read it today? i guess I'm a little bit bored. my mom's lagging on teaching me how to sew. we're supposed to go to the beach later. first off, my blog (the one you responded you) wasn't even about you. why are you so paranoid? anyways, i really don't know how i feel about you. i don't dislike you, i don't hate you. i mean, i don't have any reason to, you know? we just stopped talking, just because. i honestly don't know why. you apologized, i apologized, but we just stopped talking. and I really don't care. if we start talking again, good for us. if we don't, it's quite okay. i still respect you. you were one of my closest friends and yeah, at times I do miss talking to you.

you know what? whatever happens, happens. c'est la vie.

and now i'm going to go eat some captain crunch with vanilla ice cream. yum

Friday, July 10, 2009

why, what a hobby

I think I enjoy making my life harder than it should be. I'm incredibly complicated and sometimes I like it like that. It's entertaining, it is. but at times I get tired of it. it gets exhausting. I mean I don't have to get upset over every little thing that goes wrong, do I? lately I've realized that I've become such a drama queen. its embarrassing, really. I throw more hissy fits than people would ever know. how childish of me! I blame it on the "only-child-syndrome". its a bad excuse, I know. its hard for me to adjust to change. if things don't go a certain way, I can't adapt. its something I've been trying to work on. I have to put more effort into this lost cause, though.
another thing I've noticed is that I put myself into situations where i fill up my plate to the point where I can't finish what I started. you know the saying "you bit off more than you can chew" I've made promises I regret but I can't let people down. I just wish I never guaranteed them anything. I mean, I'll pull it off someway, but it won't be as good as I promised them to be.
another thing; I complicate my life with unworthy people. I'm too nice to them. I guess you could say that I cpuld be a people pleaser, its my weakness. so bad, so bad. my mom warned me about it, but I didn't agree with her. now I realize that mommy knows best.

never got to say this

but I'm super happy and excited that I'm rooming with Steph @ asb camp! hehe everyone's jealous, I know. she's totally not a "random" roommate, is she?


i couldn't even wake up.
asb prac
learned the transformers dance. pretty epic.
popeyes & jamba w/ steph, michael, brian bui, & duy
good talk with michael @ jamba while waiting for the rest
drove to steph's :''''( i'm so sorry!!!!!!
more dance prac
reminisced w/ michael, andrew ngo, angela, & evon :')
back to my aunt's
pho with parents
USA thursday
completed my outfit for jungle fever

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This week

a little bit

"Hands down, I'm too proud for love. But with eyes shut, it's you I'm thinking of"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"i'm 'yeah' with *blank* now"

I haven't blogged in forever! it used to be a "twice-a-week" kind of thing, but now there's not much worth blogging about.

what's been going on this summer? well nothing really, except ASB and simple, plain hanging out. I thought I would regain energy and strength this summer, but NOPE! I'm absolutely dead tired.

at certain points during the day I feel as if I'm fading away. I've become jaded and nothing is special to me anymore. I have this "idgaf" attitude and I hate it! my goal this summer is to cut it.

susie just made a calendar of upcoming events with family&church. busy, busy! movie night tomorrow, yay! hoooray for precious G-rated flicks! senior pictures- july 8th! gah! they have to turn out PERFECT just for once, its my last chance. I told my aunt about it and she gave me a lecture on how to smile cause according to my family, my smile is too big. how come asians don't smile with their teeth?! they always half ass their smiles! anyways, she said "smile with your eyes. models don't smile with teeth" sounds very Tyra...

Sunday, June 28, 2009