Sunday, September 6, 2009

elastic smiles

school's almost here. i have so much to do... i should just ditch the first day. oh fuck, i lost my schedule. but I think I memorized it, hopefully. speaking of school, I need to start on those scholarships. Why do I procrastinate so much?

-i've been spending so much time with Amy lately. "you're normal now!" hehe, shut up.
-distance and conlicting schedules.. it's hard for us. :( imy!!!
-i subconsciously said "Hi Sparky!" when I went upstairs today... RIP. I miss him. such a faithful and smart dog. I miss having him sleep in my room and I regret kicking him out 'cause I was tired of opening the door for him. I miss him during dinner 'cause he's always at the foot of our chairs, sitting on his butt, begging for food. I kind of knew he was going to go, but still, it kind of hits you.

church guuurls. O:-)


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