Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm really in a talkative mode and I really don't know why. It keeps my mind busy and I like being busy.

So my mom's friend "hired" me to do her family portraits. I'm getting paid. Weird, right? I sincerely thank my mom for being the best "MOMAGER" ever!!! Thanks for bragging about me, even though I'm really not that great... hehe. Can't wait to use my uncle's SLR camera. and I really hope to do well. Cross your fingers for me. Pointers/tips/advice, please. If I do well, my mom promised me my own SLR camera for my 18th. She was so quick to say yes, too. I shall not let her down!!! NEVER. Photography is the one hobby I did not let go of such as piano, violin, or karate. Honestly, I don't even deserve this opprotunity. I'm pure amateur. I'm nervous, I don't know much. But, I'll try to learn in a short amount of time.

Three... no four people asked me today. Bad timing, no?

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