Wednesday, September 2, 2009


spent half the day with Ames, too bad she had tennis :( we didn't do much. TV, makeup.. ;), and pool. lotsa (much needed) girl talk. I swears, she's my go-to girl. so thankful for that. just caught up on a lot of things, even though we honestly didn't need "catching up" to do.. girls could talk about everything. excited for Friday! she's gonna come over to my area to go shopping. excited for next year. hopefully Canada, Vegas, and camping. I sincerely miss Stephanie Tu and I'm sad that she has so much on her plate. Ames and I are your biggest supporters so go out there and win AZTEC OF THE YEAR. beat out a lil someone, yeeee thatz wasssup.

I love PixelPipe cause I could blog through my phone....

Yesterday was the first day I realized how much I like you... just sayin'!

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