Tuesday, September 8, 2009

this is cute. tswift is in the bg.

it's late. i need a break from Atonement. I hate Briony.. why can't high school english teachers assign books with happy endings? i don't understand. i downloaded colbie caillat's Breakthrough album. it's good. she never gets old. went back2school supply shopping today. i love the feel of new notebooks and pens. semi-excited for school now.. thanks to my new JONAS folders. yee, w'sup. talked to T tonight. he's so punny. sorry i live in SD, his daily complaint. i want to strangle him..... asb meeting tomorrow @ 12. need to finish the fucking counter!!! and the calendar!!! i love my position..

i want some. right. now.
mocha, yum. mint avalanche, yum. red velvet, yum. cream cheese, yum.

ah ma'fuck. it's almost 2. i'm watching comedians of chelsea lately. i'm going to regret it tomorrow morning. i hate waking up early just to go to my aunt's. FML.

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