Sunday, June 28, 2009




Saturday, June 27, 2009


I have a strange, strange, STRANGE crush on Mitchel Musso... please don't ask me why.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"he's got more soul than Fight Club"

asb "practice" has been really stressful. so much arguing, different opinions, yelling, etc. I admit, I played a huge part in it, too. haha guess everyone's just voicing what they believe. wouldn't say anything's wrong with that, hehe ;-) it was just a litttle unproductive, but it's okay. things ended up swellll. excited for camp, that's ferrrsuree. I have to say, I really like our 09-10 members.

I'm exhausted right now. I don't think my bags are going to disappear by the time summer is over. my sleeping habits are extremely unhealthy. sleeping late, waking up early to come to asb, no naps. booo.

I misss ya, amy le <333 I've got lots to tell you and ps, my keyboard works again! I think its a momentary thing? I think I would rather tell you in person than through a blog, haha! things might get personal.

okay. maybe I'll go to bed early today, but burn notice and growing pains are on today!

I need to find a new way to do my hair. it really bothers me.

Monday, June 22, 2009

tear up the sky with you

young Tom Cruise anyone?

she looks awesome, even though it's a dance outfit.


they never cease to amaze me

alexander wang

i love summer. but it has made me lazy. super lazy. i haven't done anything yet. stephanie slept over last night. we stayed up till 3 am watching TV and Lifetime movies. gotta say, i love The Real Desperate Housewives of New Jersey. Wow, i so want a Jersey accent now.

new jobros album. i'm okay with it. adjusting to their new sound. Love some songs. Their song featuring Common really grew on me. The lyrics I can't stand so much, but the sound is.. alright?

there's really not much to say. summer hasn't been so eventful. i'm still adapting to the fact that i have absolutely nothing to do. i'm still updating my previous blog, the one with my lists of goals and suchh

this makes me a little giddy.. gave me a shoutout on their Twitter ( Hehehehhe

Friday, June 19, 2009

my life is complete

Yay! I found an app to blog from my phone! Hallelujah, babyyyy!

So on my way to Sarah's house for a church dinner thing and I'm just thinking about summer goals/plans;

2. Stop biting my nails (for sure this time)
3. Sew
4. Run 30 mins a day.
5. San Fran
6. Historical sites
7. Drop 15 lbs
8. Learn Cambodian
9. Finish AP lit hw by ASB camp
10. Get a new digi camera? :-)
11. Bond with church girls
12. Savvy time
13. Make friends in my neighborhood ('bout time)

updated- 06/22
14. flea markets, vintage shopping, thrifting
15. improve my photography
16. update my room
17. get a job
18. dye my hair
19. learn a fun workout routine

Sunday, June 14, 2009

you give me

inspired by mel kadel's "unscared"
1st digital montage.
any tips for improving my so-called photoshop skills, LET ME KNOW!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

they always go for the bad boys

idk man. cigs make a man look incredibly sexy.

disclaimer: i DO NOT approve of smoking. no exceptions.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009


beautiful. as made by alexander mcqueen.

she should of won antm cycle 10? 11?

jessica stam in rodarte.

gorgee dress

love jessica szhor's outfit. cute couple

thick pieces of melt-in-your-mouth sashimi!

this yummy appetizer
steak. med-rare.

i realized that i tend to find faults in others and call them out on it more often than i do myself. i have the same faults, but i excuse them. however, i don't let other people forget their own wrongs. what's wrong with me? :-(

got into an argument with duy, phillip, and brandon during 4th period. i refused to admit that many girls, including myself, realize that guys are more appealing as soon has he becomes a .. "hype" and while thousands of other girls are also swooning over him. i guess they're right... BUT not in all cases for me! trust me. :-)

we girls.. we like the chase.

finished reading "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", the short story by f.scott fitzgerald on my phone. i love fitzgerald because he's short, simple, cut-to-the-chase. for example, the great gatsby. but they have a lot of meaning. now, i can't wait to watch the movie! hopefully it's not as depressing as the book.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


"He made top 5?!"

FINALLY THE WEEEK IS OVER. TGIS!! but.. i'm still very, very tired.

yesterday was a good day, overall. except for those many exhausting moments. which would add up to 5.2 million times. senior tribute went well. siiigh last assemblies always get to me. well this year especially since during the alma mater we held up 1 finger. i clearly remember holding up 4. :''( I miss freshman year. ANYWAYS. i'll miss 09! photography was fun since I talked to An about boys. HAHA. his comments are so funny. "HE MADE TOP 5?!" "NOOO, never!" hehhehe ;-) faculty/senior softball game was so fun to watch! i'm glad that steph and i went to the field that we went to. LOL nguyen and oberhofer were SO FUNNY and so cute. hahah! oh goodness. getting ready for aloha.. HMMM what an experience, lol! "ASB" BONDING @ KABUKI, with kade, steph, jess, nina, and lauren. SO fun, so fun. i love them & happy hour!! yay! $5 for spicy tuna crunch roll + chatting with them = priceless. I have bad manners, that's for sure. I was so hungry i ate first.... i'm sorry ya'll!

Sunkissed (sunkist?) roll.
salmon sashimi on top, spicy tuna inside.

ALOHAAAA. karaoke was fun with the girls. it was so boring and empty in the beginning, omg. i know i said it was boring and that i wanted to leave like 5 million times, but now that i think about it. I HAD SO MUCH FUN. i thought i didn't but maybe i was in a bad mood since i was about to faint from exhaustion. there were countless times i stopped dancing and said "I'M TIRED" haha how awkward of me. it was so hot and it smelled like sweat, oh goodnesss. most importantly, i sure wish SAVVY was there. :'( cleaned up at the end. pics l8rrrrr

fun fact: Drake, the singer/rapper/whatever is the handicapped guy from Degrassi! HOW COOL.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

my ying to my yang

1 tablespoon of stress
2 cups of exhaustion
1/2 teaspoon of annoyance
and a sprinkle of "i can do it"

makes 1 serving of Victoria at the moment.

things are coming at me way too fast. i need summer & i need KesomaKang time.

i need courage. why do i give in and "turn off" when situations like this happen?

i made up with 2 people today, thanks to An To. :'')

530am senior tribute practice
faculty softball game
set up for aloha
clean up