Saturday, June 6, 2009

"He made top 5?!"

FINALLY THE WEEEK IS OVER. TGIS!! but.. i'm still very, very tired.

yesterday was a good day, overall. except for those many exhausting moments. which would add up to 5.2 million times. senior tribute went well. siiigh last assemblies always get to me. well this year especially since during the alma mater we held up 1 finger. i clearly remember holding up 4. :''( I miss freshman year. ANYWAYS. i'll miss 09! photography was fun since I talked to An about boys. HAHA. his comments are so funny. "HE MADE TOP 5?!" "NOOO, never!" hehhehe ;-) faculty/senior softball game was so fun to watch! i'm glad that steph and i went to the field that we went to. LOL nguyen and oberhofer were SO FUNNY and so cute. hahah! oh goodness. getting ready for aloha.. HMMM what an experience, lol! "ASB" BONDING @ KABUKI, with kade, steph, jess, nina, and lauren. SO fun, so fun. i love them & happy hour!! yay! $5 for spicy tuna crunch roll + chatting with them = priceless. I have bad manners, that's for sure. I was so hungry i ate first.... i'm sorry ya'll!

Sunkissed (sunkist?) roll.
salmon sashimi on top, spicy tuna inside.

ALOHAAAA. karaoke was fun with the girls. it was so boring and empty in the beginning, omg. i know i said it was boring and that i wanted to leave like 5 million times, but now that i think about it. I HAD SO MUCH FUN. i thought i didn't but maybe i was in a bad mood since i was about to faint from exhaustion. there were countless times i stopped dancing and said "I'M TIRED" haha how awkward of me. it was so hot and it smelled like sweat, oh goodnesss. most importantly, i sure wish SAVVY was there. :'( cleaned up at the end. pics l8rrrrr

fun fact: Drake, the singer/rapper/whatever is the handicapped guy from Degrassi! HOW COOL.

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