Friday, June 19, 2009

my life is complete

Yay! I found an app to blog from my phone! Hallelujah, babyyyy!

So on my way to Sarah's house for a church dinner thing and I'm just thinking about summer goals/plans;

2. Stop biting my nails (for sure this time)
3. Sew
4. Run 30 mins a day.
5. San Fran
6. Historical sites
7. Drop 15 lbs
8. Learn Cambodian
9. Finish AP lit hw by ASB camp
10. Get a new digi camera? :-)
11. Bond with church girls
12. Savvy time
13. Make friends in my neighborhood ('bout time)

updated- 06/22
14. flea markets, vintage shopping, thrifting
15. improve my photography
16. update my room
17. get a job
18. dye my hair
19. learn a fun workout routine

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