Saturday, September 26, 2009

one saturday afternoon

Got back from BT with Leakana. I love Peet's. Thanks to Kristine and Tommmmmy for visiting me. Love them!

Finally, this week is over. I've never been so exhausted and tired. Welcome Back assembly was alrights. GO 2010!!!! SEN10RS!!!!!!!!!! I think going balls to the wall when Azcona introduced the seniors was the highlight of the assembly. Sure hope people liked the costumes. Kade did! I was so happy when he told me.

Dance. oh, the dance.. I had fun, I was bored, I was sick, I was annoyed, I was disgusted, I was estatic. I was TIRED. FC boys were such whores. I loved it. So happy Kristine was there. I've missed seeing her. I love Kevin Dao :') HE'S SUCH A SWEETHEART.

I wouldn't say that I was sad* (sorry, not 'happy') to see you, but I would say that I was sad and ashamed to say that I caught myself being fake and/or acting like you didn't exist when you were 2 feet away from me. I just didn't know what to say or do. But if we're "better off as friends" I should act like you're a friend and not an enemy. I'm sorry, but I have to admit, being friends, or TRYING to be friends with you is really hard. I feel like all I could do is say "hi"... and that's it. I mean, it's not the same.

"AW HELL NO. AW HELL NO" hehe. I love Nina and Jerrri.

"Is it just me or are LQ people sluttier than other schools?"
"We're slutty. We dance slutty, we dress slutty."
HAHAHAHHA..... actually, I'm embarrassed..