Monday, August 31, 2009


this shit's crazy.
paper bag princess. W, september 09.

it's been hot. extremely hot. i'm going insane. absolutely positively insane. i can't sleep at night. oh gawd... IT'S HOT. i'm sorry, i'm just... it's consuming my mind right now.

registration today. fuck my life. i swears, my life story is like lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events. okay. Started the day off major cramps. Had issues with my book fines 'cause Persichina collected the spiral workbooks earlier last year but for some reason did not turn in my and Andrew's book. Walked half a mile around the school looking for Persichina only to find out he's in Arizona. My ID picture... shit, empty space takes up like half the picture. My fucking name is spelled wrong in the agenda "VISTORIA DO", like wtf? do they even know a Vistoria to make them think it was perfectly okay to put it in there like that? I left the line to change my schedule cause i waited for an hour only to find out that i was 5 minutes away from actually meeting my counselor. Walked around the school for another half a mile to look for paintbrushes only to end up NOT painting the ASB counter. Gosh, i don't even want to mention what happened at home. And Stephanie Kang was there to witness every minute of it. I love her. I've missed hanging out with her and man, can't wait for Labor Day weekend.

So this whole thing going on between us.. I really like it. It's different from what I'm used to, but I like it a whole lot better. it's good, it's real good. i'm happy. tehehe you're so q.

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Jennifer Anne Minnie Ng.<3 said...

Poor you, I don't even think Vistoria is an actual name, ha ha ha