Friday, July 31, 2009

i'm going in for the kill, doing it for the thrill

want this hair.

haven't found many pictures lately. don't have much time anymore.

worked all day @ andrew's. i'm praying to past ASB spirits that they'll help us carry the torch. i'm so pooped, flies are circling me. har har, i'm funny. + lunch @ amy's for steph's early birthday. homemade cali rolls, yummy chicken quesadillas, pesto with angel hair, sun dried tomatos and grilled chicken. i'm sorry it was small, you deserve a lot better.

what i noticed today? you're... you're just so frustrating. one day i like-like you, the next day, i hate you. one day, you treat me like a princess, the next day, i'm shit. my conclusion? i hate you for making my emotions go topsy turvy. F you.

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Olivia said...

gahh, my feet are too. but i'll still be happy to have a pair of them darlings =D.