Saturday, July 25, 2009

i refuse

to switch to tumblr. i refuse. i heard it's much easier (and better looking) than blogspot, but i've put so much into this blog, i can't bear to part from it. maybe i'll start a tumblr in college... but then again, blogging in college? really? hm, i'll think about it.

this weekend was really sweet. my couzos + stephanie k slept over. my cousins would of stayed longer but esther was homesick so she started crying. :') preciousnessss. her parents came at like 1 am to pick them up.

swimming, shopping, picked out clothes for hannah, gave hannah a mani/pedi, marley and me, confessions of a shopaholic, cousins left, tv marathon, marshall's, stater's, mexican market, fajitas. steph + me = lazy bums. this summer we've been so bummy. it's ridiculous. we don't even take pictures anymore like we used to. sa'llll righttt.

back2school soon. currently composing a list of what i need to buy. frankly, i really don't need anything really. asb should cover my wardrobe...

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