Sunday, November 9, 2008


I love 2010, man! :) Homecoming was great!

ahem-ahem, WE TIED FOR FIRST. 2010 ftw
another headline breaking news: LQ WON THE HC GAME!

I thinkkkk all of those practices were (sort of) worth it. (: It feels great to be tied for 1st... although it would of been BETTER if we won. ;) but who cares! congrats to 09! they did awesome. aw heck, good job to '11 and '12 as well. :) Esp '11, they did super well. I was scared for my life when they performed.

Hc game highlights- well for one, we won. LQ FTW!!!
but kristine was there as well <3

Hmmm, saturday was fun. spent time with the furious 5 and a bunch of other kids. such a fattening day! pancakes for breakfast, pasta for lunch, pizza for dinner. + smoothies and cake. :( there's no justification for such gluttony.

still stuck. i won't give up or let go 'till i find out

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