Sunday, November 30, 2008


I finally watched Twilight. It was okay. Honestly, I think I liked it because of Robert Pattinson. He was soo attractive and "brooding"! Unfortunately, his voice was horrific; he sounded like a chinese fob =/ the producers/director should of had him keep his British accent. it would be of been 100x sexier! I'm in love with his bedroom/lazy eyes. Very captivating! Man, I've liked him eversince he was Cedric Diggory in HP4, but no one seemed to agree. WHATEVER. =) At first I thought Kristin Stewart was too plain for Bella, but actually, she's really pretty! simple, but pretty. :) I really like her as an actress. Anyways, I've decided to finish the book and continue on with the series. Yes, I've joined the bandwagon..

So last night was incredibly hard for me :'( KQ went to go see the jonas brothers @ MGM. Oh how I wish I was there. Good thing, Steph was there to comfort me.. however when she realized that Kristine got in for free, she was sad, as well. Hardest night of my life!!! I swear, I will go see them. It's a self-promise. ROFL. Man, I think i can be so juvenile at times.

btw! Nip/Tuck's coming back! :)
you have 20+ hours worth of TV you need to catch up on.

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