Saturday, November 15, 2008

"It's a luxury to worry" - Ms. Rose

It's finally a saturday. I'm up early to help prepare for the church thanksgiving. I know, why so early? thanksgiving is 2 weeks away! honestly, I have no idea.

so yesterday night was NOT fun. susie wasn't able to pick me up to go to steph's. so we couldn't go to the magic lamp. so i just stayed home. talked to kristine for an hour or so. then Jennifer Q. HAHAHHHAHAHA "BOOKSTACK" (that's his new name, k?) ahh, so funny. i love our talks. i hit the sack at like 11 or so. man, i'm such a homebody.

this week went by pretty fast considering the fact that i had two days off and that monday felt like a friday.

hm, while i was busy studying =P i heard the game on thursday was incredibly fun. oh how i regret not going, I WAS AT MY AUNT'S HOUSE, TOO. whateverrrrrrrrrs! =)

I finally talked to william after like what?? a thousand years. he's still the same. bugs me about hw and that 4.0 (which is impossible at this point). we had a good talk. helped me out with some things. ROFLL "trusts!"

anyways, idgaf anymore. i doesn't matter what went down. i'm not going to resolve it or figure out why. it's been biting at me for the longest time. but now, I shall forget =)

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