Saturday, January 31, 2009

Over and out

Finals? Over.
Winter Formal? Over.

I am exhausted at this moment. My cousins woke me up at 8am. =(

Yesterday was a longggggg day. Active for roughly 18 hours.
730 AM- got to Amy's, did makeup for like 3 hours.
1030 AM- Hair
1230 AM- Emily came over, OFFICIALLY got ready, steph came over like around 1ish
245 PM- Left to Brian's, then Char's
415ish PM- Went to B's house again for pics. His parents are super pro.
500ish PM- Terry's for corsages + boutonnieres
530ish PM- Full Moon
7ish PM- Pics at Say Cheese in Cerritos
830ish PM- Vanity Fair!
12 AM- Kade took us home
2 AM- Knocked out.

** Pictures will be posted laterrrrr **

Ridiculous. :) It was prettty fun though! Karaoke was the best, although I think I was the only one into it. I looked like a complete idiot. Oh wellsss. Dansinggg was whatevers. Dennis "ballroomed" dance with me. :') My feet still hurt. I have callouses right now and my calves are in pain. Hm, Stephanie looked like a DOLLL. She was soo darn purrrdy! All the guys dropped when she walked into the room. Haha, just kidding :) Well, I know one guy that couldn't keep his eyes off of her. AHEMAHEM. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET, YOU.. YOU... YOU JERK! "ewwww!" teheheheheh

KRISTINE SHOULD OF BEEN THERE. :(Ahh! I missed her soo much. It would of been 1000x better.

honestly, I would of had a lot more fun if my mother left me alone. She kept on calling and calling and everytime she didn't, she was in the back of my mind. I felt so guilty :(

*I felt kinda bad. lol! WHY CAN'T WE JUST TALK? WHY IS IT SO HARD?

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