Thursday, January 15, 2009

"i have a Dream"

Here's a random IM that kinda stuck to me for a while:
L3ggomy3gg00s: lol you want too much adventure
It's probably five days old; I'm not too sure. I suppose it's true. Life's too short, you know that? 100 years max is not enough to do anything. I mean how many careers can you possibly pursue? 1-3, right? Here I am wanting to juggle 8 at least. Sheesh ka bob. I want to be an anchorwoman to a restaurant owner to a flipping wedding planner. I swear, I should be Barbie. Now she's my heroine. That girl can do everything. She's an astronaut, policewoman, a doctor, a proud resident of Malibu, an owner of a Dream House and a red, spicy Corvette, etc. All that while maintaining a relationship with Ken?! Beautiful work, Barbie.

Now a lot has been going on in my mind. (So, Peter Doan, if you ever manage to read this again, I hope another piece of your mind does not die. tehehehe)

My purple Nokia works again. I don't know how, but it does. I plugged it into the charger and viola! it started charging and beautifully working. It was most definately a miracle. I was going through it and wow, it's been a year since I turned on that phone. I left an inbox full of 707 messages. And if any of you guys recall my status in December of 07, you'll know what I'm talking about. It brought back memories. It was a weird feeling, actually. Nothing came back. ... It was just weird! Can't believe I talked like that, all love-y dove-y and stufff with the multiple 3's after the "less than" sign.

On to something completely off topic, I've been sitting here at home watching many movies. I watched Jumper and Juno (again) . The only thing I like about Jumper is Hayden and Rachel's relationship. So cute! Juno. I love Juno now. Ellen Page is so funny. Her character says these weird random things that are just so funny. Nina reminds me of her... but a ghetto version. Anyways, I'm super annoyed right now cause my mom decided to bring in a plant from the backyard and all of these almost-microscopic flies are flying around and itching me. It's ridiculous. I feel like they're in my hair..

So I found my winter formal dress and shoes. Both equaling up to $40. I love deals. The shoes are like 3-4 inches high depending on where you measure, cause I frankly do not know. You know what? Girls spend so much time for guys. At times, it's painful. "Beauty is pain". It's horrifying. We wax, pluck, shave, curl, straighten, etc. At times you burn yourself. and waxing is so painful! I freaking cry up a storm at the salon. Plus, I nearly gave myself a stroke due to stress because I couldn't find a dress. Sheesh man, sheeesh. We should just go back to Adam + Eve's days and love each other while looking like cavemen. (Totally not saying that A&E are cavemen..)

Here's something weird: So JB had a live chat yesterday at 2pm (or 5pm EST) and I missed it because of church. But guess what? I did not care. Like at all. During the summer when JB had their concert in Anaheim and Irvine, I was like in mourning. It was pathetic. I mean, I still love them. But not as much, I suppose?

I miss Stephanie K and Kristine. I haven't talked to them in a while. I make it a priority to talk to them regularly, but I failed. =[ I left my old phone, the Blue Machine, with my SIM card at my aunt's and I won't have it till tomorrow.

Here's another thing: (ok, as you can tell, I haven't blogged in a while) So Friday. Karate. No Sensei. It was DISGUSTING. I was (and still am) utterly *yecchhhhhh'ed* out. I mean, they were making googly eyes at each other. He's 17. She's 22. C'mon now. Seriously. It was sick. He looks at her like a puppy, full of adoration. Was I jealous? IDK. I repeat: it was sick.

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Anonymous said...

fell in love with your barbie comparison, only because i found so much truth in it.