Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guilty guilty guilty ... not so guilty?

After 2 years, I ate KFC. I vowed to never eat it due to PETA.

But I now realize that I am anti-PETA because of personal reasons.
Please don't kill me guys.

We were hoping for some romance
All we found was more dispair
We must talk about our problems
We are in a state of Flux -
Bloc Party

You know what's weird? If it wasn't for the Khmer Rouge and all, my family would of gone to France or England. Why couldn't that have been the reality?

Random IM of the day:
kristine quachh: yes you are jealous woman!
Random Comment of the day:
tngo: fell in love with your barbie comparison,
only because i found so much truth in it.
^Speak on, sister.

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Oh my gosh, when I was a vegetarian for 3 years all I did was listen to PETA! Then I found out they weren't really all for the animals so I went with the ASCPA. After I started eating meat I ate KFC, my conscious always feel so guilty. I feel ya! =(