Monday, February 23, 2009


Pretty gowns are always blog worthy.
MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While watching the Barbara Walters Special, my mom called me from downstairs. "ARE YOU WATCHING THE JONAS BROTHERS?!" (cause they were on) Me - "no....." Mom- "yeahhh! Which one do you like?" I was silent. How awkward it is to talk about cute boys with her! Mom, in her thick Cambodian accent- "Aw, the youngest one has diabetes. How sad. He's the cutest one." Tehehehehhe! My mom and I have similar taste!

I told my mom I wanted to marry Dev Patel. She said I was gross for thinking such things at an early age. Gross, mom? Really? is that the best you can do? : ) She also said that Indians are dominating. Uhhh, double u - tee - eff ? ahaha

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