Friday, February 27, 2009

In all honesty

I feel bad for saying the things I said.

but then again, I don't feel that bad to apologize.

"She thinks she's the bigger person." - NT
Hm, if you're thinking that. You can be the bigger person. I don't mind. Go ahead!

gots to admit though. You're right. *starts the infamous slow clap* I was being fake. and that's really the only thing i feel bad about. i heard a lot, a lot, a lot of things and frankly they annoyed me.

I won't get into it, it's too much. A novel about you.. hm, not going to be a bestseller! And I just don't want another "in response to Victoria" novel about me, ya know ya know! : ) You're just not worth the words.

But, I shouldn't be fake right?! Tahahah, I have to admit you are a little bit worth it. That's why I blogged about you! ; )

PS, I still think YOU'RE cute! And that picture is still very cute! Trust me. Afterall, I'm being on thaaa real now.

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