Monday, February 16, 2009

Yes, I should be working on USH

I saw this picture and decided that it is blog-worthy.
I love Anne Lebowitz. I just want to intern for her one day.
^^ not one of her best works, but it's Dev Patel, c'mon!!!!
I esp. love her Disney portraitss. gorggggggggggg!
I want to pursue something in the arts field. Will I be supported by my parents? Probs not. Will I be successful as Lebowitz? Or even my other fave: Giles Bensimon?!?!
I dont know :(((( What should I do? w/out my parents, i won't be able to afford the actual pursuing of photography!

Rambom Ramblings:
1) Took pics for photoggg. I officially love where I live. Sure, it's far, but it's in its own little world. The hills (not-so-big hillls) are amazing and (something rare in Cali) green! It's kindaaaaa my own humble abode.
2)The weekend is over. Productive? Not so much. Typed up part of my "book". Relaxing? By all means, YES! I loved that Steph slept over. We didn't do anything actually... in fact, we wasted a whole day by watching The Real Housewieves of Orange County/New York...... Well, that's all I remember doing. Oh yeah, and Push. Which was good! I recommend
3) I miss that feeling. You know, taking a little extra time to get ready. The butterflies. The eagerness for him to call. Yeeeah, "You're craving man!" -STu. I know :'( I am!

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