Friday, October 10, 2008

"I'd lie"

I love Fridays :) hanging outttt, chilling, and basically being able to finally breathe after one long week of school.

Just got back from being with Kang. I love Long Beach! althoughhh it's not as great as the good ol' SD. But yeah, I haven't been able to see her because of school and my lack of driving skills. Why don't these desperate times motivate me to take my permit test?! Am I that lazy?!Sheeesh.

oh, so Jojo Jam came to our school on Thursday. It was a disappointment, but in a way, I had fun. I mean, what do you expect? It was a free concert! I tried to be all hyped up, but no one around me was jumping up and down sooo I kind of .. stopped. Man! concerts are only fun if you're with the right people. I should of been with Stephanie, she's the type to get all pysched. teehee (: Overalll, I think I liked OBR the best. They had the best energy that wasn't lip synced...or "high".

I'm spending the rest of my night catching up on some missed TV episodes. I love the show Privileged. I think it's my new favorite show.

Why is that when you try to make an effort, nothing happens? Maybe you don't see who that person really is because you only saw the person you wanted them to be. What happens when the person you thought was a good friend, is the exact opposite? A fight did not occur, but there is obvious damage. All in all, how can you fix it?

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