Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Imitation is suicide" - Emerson

oh man, I am so tired! the only thing keeping me up right now is the heat.. and homework.

I finished reading and watching the Outsiders. I am officially in love with it. it's one of those rare books that really teaches a lesson. pretty inspirtational, man. I found all of the characters, both expressed through the book and the movie, simply attractive in some, small way. ;) leave it to me to fall in love with greasers.... rofl

i decided to join golf with jacque and pt. i'm excited! but i need to buy "golfing for dummies" ASAP.

tomorrow's school :[ bummer!
next saturday- amy's bday thing. hsm3!!!
homecoming is coming up.. that means more lip sync practice..
+ i need to go buy 50s clothing for the espanol project.

my head hurts just thinking about the busy-ness!

+ i need to return kristine's call

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