Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank goodness it's Friday

Waiting around for my aunt to take me to Steph's. We're going to cook+whateverssss. I'm so happy Kristine's here! I've missed her so much. time to catch up and chiillllll.

The word "lag" is extremely common in my household.

School has been excruciatingly tiring. I feel like school is the "ball and chain" of my life. It's taking me down! progress reports are coming out, so that's a bummmer. Things are looking up, though. Grades are improving. Jojo jam is coming next Thursday (10/09/08)! That should be exciting!

Debate tourny tomorrow. I don't know if I'm exactly.. ready yet. So, I'm very nervous. I'll be out ALL day tomorrow.

Things are finally settled. I feel that everything is almost patched up. After Sunday, things will be looking up. :)

Take me to France

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