Sunday, April 12, 2009

before i go upstairs

i'm really tired.
i'm really sad.
spring break is over....

friday and saturday were so fun! =)

10-6: shopping with amy, first time on the bus, haha! then went back to HQ and stephanie k came over right after i called her to come over. she's pretty much awesome. ate dinner with the fam, watched slumdog millionaire ( i swear, i'm going to write a post dedicated to this movie), went to the Cabin. i swear, steph and i just caught up with things and talked about our heartthrobs.. thehehehehe.

COOKED ALL DAY. steph and i made fish tacos. ok, maybe it wasn't all day. but it sure felt like it. ironed a massive amount of baptismal robes for church. i did her hair. went out for sushi for my aunt's bday at this little mom and pop sushi restaurant. went back to HQ to have some cake and ice cream. then finally back to the cabin to back cupcakes for richard's birthday. (i swear, there has to be a baking committee for bdays at church) stayed up till 2 mourning over the fact that miley went to lunch with nick jonas....

love thatttt girlllll

steph's sleeping over next weekend. SHOPPING, FINALLY.

i saw where it took me.. and it took me no where. thank you for snapping me back to reality.

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