Saturday, April 4, 2009


what a nice saturday. =) thank goodness there's no SAT practice test. my uncle's here from Utah, so we took him to SD to eat. then dropped him and my dad off at home. Mom and I went to the mall. just a chill mother-daughter day. i really cherish these rare shopping trips. my mom and i hardly go out, just us two. so it was precious =) got some things for myself and hannah at the gap, rings from f21.

went to macy's, got my makeup done, and picked up dear john and that gal:

I swear by this facial creme.

This thing works well! V


posie tint: $28

creaseless creme eyeliner in flatter me: $19
you rebel, $30.
I don't understand why makeup is so expensive.
it's alright. i'll live without it.

what i learned today:
1) my mother is so sacrificial. sometimes i don't give her enough credit and bash her everytime i don't get what i want or when she's really mean. honestly, i think she acts the way she does because i don't pay her enough respect. i don't listen to her at all sometimes. then she releases her anger and then i get mad and the whole situation gets sour. but she spends so much on me. she would rather buy things for myself and hannah than herself. i felt really bad, but she insisted. i love my mom and i need to learn to show it.

So I'm sitting here with Ma watching High Noon on Lifetime. Ehehehe =) These Nora Roberts specials are addicting!


Anonymous said...

lifetime movies r the best

michelaphant said...

Benefit primer is THE SHIT