Saturday, April 18, 2009

so far so good

sheee's hot!

i really want to dye my hair, esp. my bangs, this color.

post spring break week = TIRING. but very eventful, actually! thanks to hao, and the rest of the 2010 officers, i was able to host the prom nominee assembly and the prom fashion show! it was... exhilarating and i'm possssibly trying out for assemblies next year? (gahaha, don't judge, don't judge) we shall see, though.

so i'm here at the Cabin. With Stephanie. .. and Christie.. and Richard. What a sleepover. WEEKEND KILLLLER. i miss kesomakang time! =''''(

you're the first one since the last one.
I'm learning the tricks all over again.
but, I'm too prideful..

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