Tuesday, April 7, 2009

spring fling!

break is going by so fast. one week is just not enough! too many things to do =( i feel that I have to plan everything to its exact minute. i want to make time for everyone!! ok. so let me plan in this blog. Okay.
i spent time with my mom on Monday.
tuesday, with cousins.
wednesday, _____. (someone, call me so i could fill this day up! )
thursday, LA with mom and susie.
friday, with amy.
saturday, with church kids.
sunday, HOMEWORK + church (easter celebration thing)

blah. so busy. I just want to sleeep! speaking of which, i'm really tired right now.

today. spent time with my cousins. they're so silly-billy. went to costco to develop photos, ran around, ate samples. park, gosh i hate the park sometimes.. there was this lady wearing liquid/leather leggings and she was running after her son around the playground in heels. it was so funny, i took a picture of her. ahha i kept following her with my phone till i got the perfect shot and sent that pic to amy.

my hair is ridiculously full of split ends!!!! it's so brittle. if you run your fingers through my hair, my hair would rip. =( cannnot wait for my haircut. maybe i'll go on thursday after LA. my mom could take me.

*********** spring break is wearing me out. =)

& i think you're making me forget about S. hehehhehehhehehe! that's a good thing!

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