Thursday, April 9, 2009

spring awakening

i love hannah and esther way too much for my own good, you know?
got my hurrrr did as you can see up here^^ (please disregard my stupid smile and my "hand-on-chin" thing)  loooks the same, really. bangs are shorter.  i applaud my hairdresser as she replicated Vanessa Hudgens' hair pretty well.  problem is, i cannot pull off "front" bangs very well. epic fail.

i feeel bad.  my mom took today and tomorrow off to spend time with me, but i made plans with amy already.  welll! it's not my fault that my family kept on changing plans on me.  she was a little upset when she drove me down to the salon. 

break is coming to an end.  =( de presss ing.

xo, vkd.

.... but we'll see where it takes me. 

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