Tuesday, May 19, 2009

bite your tongue

so. a phone's vibration can sound differently when on different surfaces, right? i mean logically the vibration reacts to the surface, right?

so.. how come my mother does not understand that? she insists that my phone is broken and thinks i'm hiding it from her.

honestly. she can be so narrow minded (maybe it's an asian thing) she does not accept ANY of my explanations. What to do now? Should I conduct an experiment to prove my point? Heck, i'll go through the entire scientific process with labels: "Surface 1" "Surface 2" etc etc.

Sometimes. I think I just need room to breathe.

+ yeah, i know i've gotten "meanr". i know i've become a lot more callous. maybe it's because i've become a little bit more decerning towards people and their ulterior motives. i dwell on that to the point where it "uglifies" the person. not sure if it's a bad thing or a good thing. i'll get back to you on that. :-)

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