Tuesday, May 12, 2009

this lullaby

Yesterday in Photo I discovered Chrissie White Photography. I instantly fell in love with her work. : ) very whimsical, fairy tale-like. i'm getting tons of inspiration from her for my digital montage assignment. the thing is.. i suck at photoshop! i absolutely cannot blend photos together so that it'll look natural. ; ( any tips? tell me! i'm open for anything.

stayed home today to study for tomorrow's test. you can't really study for much so i took the time to catch up on some ZZZZZZ's and Law and Order. : ) I made amy's uncle's corn dish thing. hehehe i don't think it ended up well and i didn't have anything to eat it with except rice.

this year is wrapping up. finals and senior tribute is coming up. nothing big is left on my "to-do" list. it's crunch time. anticipating aloha/last assembly. hopefully 08-09 will end with a long, satisfied siiiigh. : )

this weekend Hannahis going to sleep over. (hopefully StephK will too) we're going to go to Mission San Luis Ray and hopefully the beach if the weather cooperates. actually my goal this weekend is to go thrifting. i'm ebay-ing things right now, but ebay makes me uncomfortable since i do not trust the sizes. siigh, i miss shopping i really do. my goal is to make some money. i shall go apply at a rec center perhaps. i want to be a camp counselor!

anthony g. hehehehe so funnny this kid is.

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Austere said...

Very eerie, yet captivating photos. I like the first one. thanks for the comment!