Saturday, May 16, 2009

this gurrrrllll

Story of my life. ;-)

finally a sleepover with stephanie kang! i've missed her.

this sleepover mostly consisted of thinking of our summer jam, since last year's (Burnin' Up, by the Jonas Brothers) is a really hard one to beat. Well, we couldn't think of anything. Our top contenders? Scream, by Zac Efron (because we watched HSM3 and its just the "story of our lives" hehehe ) and Live to Party, by JB ('cause..of their show LOL). Are we Disney freaks? Yes, yes I think we are..

anyways, we went shopping of course. and sadly, it was a bust, it was simply pathetic. even our photobooth pictures were an epic fail! the booth ran out of film, so i called maintenance and they're sending me the $3 refund. B) loehmann's was a bit more successful. we got summer dresses. snagged me a maxi dress for susie's graduation.

back at home: ate dinner (yes, with our infamous clam dip) watched Body of Lies with Leo DiCaprio (good, but super long) now here we are watching SNL. SVU is on at 12. Yeah, we're going to die at church tomorrow morning.

What I learned today? Well, I cannot wait for summer. It's so close I could smell it! Secondly, I can be such a brat to my mother.. I'm sorry :-(

+Hope you're doing well, P.

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