Sunday, May 10, 2009

get up offa that thang!

i really like justin+jessica. if they break up, i'll be sad.

anyways. mother's day was really nice :) my mom really liked the picture i developed/matted for her. she was like tripppin' out and telling everyone about it. so proud, so proud. we got a frame for it and hung it with our fam portrait above our stairs.

ap lang test this wednesday. i'm not nervous. there's no way for me to study for it, really. you either know it or you don't. but i shall stay home on tuesday anyways, tehehe! plus i'll be able to miss periods 2-4-6! oh the joy of missing oberhofer's painful 2 hours of espanol.

boo. saw these leggings at bloomingdales. i didn't get them cause i figured i wouldn't be wearing them since it's spring/summer. but they're haunting me.. they had studs at the bottom and they were so cheap :(

idk what to do in the future. i want to do and be too many things. i want to double or even triple major. Liberal arts, communications, etc etc. can I be a part time teacher/journalist/archeologist?! yes. yes i can. :)

g2g! anatomy packet due manana before 8am =(

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Austere said...

Justin and Jessica do look cute together. Good luck on the AP test! Which language are you taking?