Saturday, May 9, 2009

mother may i

mother's day weekend!
gah, i love my mom. she's crazy, delusional, bipolar, and more. but she's also extremely loving, giving, and humble. i think loves me way too much. i don't think i give her enough credit for that.

Thank you Stephanie for dealing with my sudden outbreaks. We need to work on maaanyyy things togethaaa.

went out to Fashion Valley in SD. cheesecake factory, shopping. I didn't frame my picture yet, so i'll give it to her tomorrow. my mom got things and i got a romper and glad sandals. (not the ones pictured here)

saw these. nearly fainted. i've been wanting these for the longest time. going to wait till the price goes down a littttle bit more.

is my blog becoming a fashion blog? who knows :)

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