Thursday, May 14, 2009


i think i lost my youthfulness, in a way. when i'm around the kbclb kids i don't run around and... idk, play with them anymore? steph and i just sit there and watch them.. kind of sad if you ask me. :-( hm, honestly, i think we're still kids at heart. it's just exhausting to keep up with them! i sound as if i'm 80. i feel like.. my phone. haha! battery runs out fasttt. maybe it's the end of the school year and i'm just worn out. i'll be back to my old self during the summer. no worries! :-)

i know i've mentioned this, but i will mention it again. i love matthew williamson. <-- check ittt!! loving the leather tan jacket, the studded leather vest, the hot pink dress, the studded belts!, the peacock cardigans, etc etc! and that's just for h&m. his summer/autumn09 lines are amazing! with an extra 'zing' on the side. :-)

I want these from H&M. how come I didn't see them when I was there..?

^^ can I just have everything in this line? Esp. floral leggings?

i've been blogging about materialistic things lately. i'm sorry :-( i think i'm at a point in life where i need a vacation. i really do not want to think about.. my life. and i guess i'm in denial that things are almost over. which is kind of cowardly to say the least. i'm not stressed out. i'm just fed up. :-) it's normal!

+I miss the 90s. I really do. sigh. Hi, I'm Victoria, I'm in a rut, and I'm only 17.

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