Thursday, March 12, 2009

cheese to please

i just feel very appreciative today:

1) i love you So much! you're my bffffffffffffffffff forevereverever. honesTly, you'rE the only Person who really understands my Humor, my life, my decisions, everything. i'm glAd i met you through church. we have the same struggles and we strive for the same thiNgs. it's going to be hard, lots of pressure. but, i'll always be there for you. lIke seriously. we have to go to the MastEr's together, girl. if not life is over as i know it.

2) even though you're away in vegas, i still love youuuu and you're still considered one of my closest friends! i swear, we're so much aliKe. style, the way we talk, gnd status. oh laawwwddd, gnd. hahaha! don't woRry, we won't be gnd's forever. we're just not lIke other girlS. ya know, ya know! Thanks for always lIstening to my boriNg stories. haha! i hopE i seee you soon! ( still need to go shopping with you! and beach cruisinggg, for sure)

3) ahhhhhhhhh, this girllllll. :) we've been through A lot, no doubt. i think i've been through a lot More with You than with anyone else. but we've grown, we've matured. haha! all that's in the past. so stupid, really. buttt we're such good, no GREAT friends now! i love talking to you about everythinggggg mannngggg. thanks for texting me like crazy! man, i've never texted so much before in my whole entire life. i especially loved it when you texted me after the whole youtube scandal. thankss! (we'll most def go shopping around the world some day)

4) i've known you the longeSt. and i Think you're my inspiration! you're so wEll rounded, it never ceases to amaze me. you motivate me to do better in school cause you're so freaking smartttt. and you're always haPpy even when things are bad, you always Have A smile on your face! ahaha! thaNks for lIstening and rEading my essays AHAHA boy issues.. i go
To yoU.

5) you're like the little sister i Never had, but more. even though you're a freshIe, you give me some great advice. you're the writer of chicken soup for the victoria soul. i loveee you muchos!!! muchos muchos! you also briNg out the ghettto fab side of me. i loves it. i'm glad we're friends, i'll Always come back to la quinta for you. sigh one and a half more years to go. it's okay. we'll remain.

that rounds it up for the girls.
(my writing "skills" are not portrayed in this blog, i sound like a loser really)

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