Saturday, March 28, 2009

doing what I do best

I've been annoyed lately.

You treat me like I'm second best, like i'll always be there so you could just treat me like nothing. maybe i'm just being retarded again, but i always get that feeling. also you go and do contradicting things like that? it just makes me feel as if you've changed. i'm not liking it very much.

our friendship is hanging on a thread. i've realize that we're just superficial. what do we really talk about? like honestly. and do you really care about other things rather than.. those superficial things?

so here I am sitting the couch. it's hot as the sahara desert that's caught on fire... yet i'm wearing sweats. i feel dirty, i didn't wash my hair since yesterday morning. SAT practice test this morning. it was deadly. i know i failed. i know i did horrible. never felt so sure in my whole entire life.

to relax i'm doing what i do best. online shop =)
1) I'm loving topshops new spring/summer lookbook. i'll post a pic of it later.
3) if i could buy an entire collection i would choose 3.1 phillip lim's
4) i want some harem pants and maybe a jumpsuit.
5) 2 words: charlotte ronson. i love her line. and her shoes? omg amazing.

so i talked to him yesterday. i made ..... progress? well i guess if that's what you call progress then so be it. he's incredibly shy, it's ridiculous! 'cause i'm super shy and if you're super shy... well it's safe to say that a negative + a negative does not equal a positive in this situation.

i think i'll be using twitter. just for fun. i made one months ago. it's easy, it's fast. okay, i don't think i'll be committed to it.

if you're looking for pictures.. well, my next blog will only consist of pictures.

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