Saturday, March 14, 2009


First weekend in OC in a while
First time at Boiling Crab
First time taking those asian pictures

: )) I'm so happy today.

I shall write an extent blog on my successful day.

okay, SAT diagnostic test from 9-1. so stressful, long, and boring. I wanted to pull every strand of my hair out by the time we were at section 3. it was just ridiculado. i was so hungry, too! well actually steph was suffering from MAJOR hunger pains. her stomach was serenading me the whole time. BC after with emily, steph, amy, and alex. omg, i don't even know how to explain the emotions i was going through as soon as i stepped into boiling crab. ok, i'm being really dramatic right now, but it was epic. epic, i tell you! ordered 3 lbs and according to alex 3 lbs is not enough, but that's okay. i don't think you could get full from crawfish, right? I mean the meat is NOTHING. stilllll, the taste is amazing! an explosion of flavor on your tongue! such an experience. HAHA thennnn, cue pictures! so cue so cue <3 I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT. ahha! 5 little photobooths. so creative! it was pretty fun though. i have to bring stephanie, she'll loveeee it! ahah, felt bad for alex for making him wait so long. haha i guess i should of sparred him.. afterrrr, we went to steph's house, the most entertaining house in the world. HAHA. guess what steph, amy, alex, and i watched? high school reunion on tv land and reno 911. reno 911 would have to be my new favorite show. oh gosh, hilariousity at its finest.

i had a really good day <3 i love amy and stephanie!

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