Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday blues

I feel like going vintage shopping. Let's hit up some thrift stores, mom! Now that I think about it, i really only like shopping with my mom. I mean, I like shopping with other people too, but i feel more relaxed and free with my mom. i don't think i make ANY sense right now, but oh well. okay, with my mom... i feel as if i could express myself a lot more than with other people. idk, i get a critical vibe when i show other people what i like. and i've only really gone shopping with stephanie. HAHAH can't blame her, i like weird things. she's more.. calm than i am.

so random!

i've been kind of... annoyed lately. i feel as if i never get what i really, honestly want. the true-deep-down-in-your-heart wants. the "real" wants, not the superficial wants. wants that'll affect my life in the long run. maybe those wants aren't good for me and there's a reason for me not getting them. but it's been biting at me for a while. i know i'm being selfish and i do have many things. but these wants.. you can't buy them from a store. i work hard for them, but they just don't come. and i see other people and it's so easy for them and their lives seem so easy and i'm just like wtflipp, you know? it's so close to home, life seems like a breeze to that person and i know i'm just sitting here complaining.. and i'll stop.


Anonymous said...

i know exactly what yr talking about esp about feeling most comfortable with your mom

Austere said...

I know exactly what you're talking about.

Kristine said...

ahhaha remember we talked about that last time!? about the critical feeling? :) its okay! i'd be fine shopping with you though. ah! i haven't talked to you lately, things have been so busy! :( we must catch up and have our late friday night talks with svk