Monday, March 16, 2009

What's for dinner

I had McDonald's french fries for dinner, yes sir I did. indulged in all of its potato-ey, oily, and beef lard-y goodness. Reading fast food nation made me crave french fries, so on the way home, I begged my mom for a small bag. Was it worth it? Yes, despite its extra saltiness, it was made fresh! I was the first one for the new batch. HAHA, it was so faaacking unhealthy.. but it's okay. I haven't had McD's in 6 months or so.

I'm the Queen of Pansyland. Why can't I just talk to you? My words fumble over, I don't act normally, and my eyes avert to many other places EXCEPT FOR YOUR FACE. So stupid, because.. because.. well yeah. I mean I shouldn't care what you think of me, right? Right?! This is so freshman year, Andrew Vu- status.

I'm really bad at giving out advice, fyi. : ((

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Kristine said...

haha i had that for dinner last night too!