Monday, December 22, 2008

Breathe easy

I've noticed that our lives and our society are extremely fast paced. It seems to me that we need more and we're just rushing to get to the next level. For what, though? What's the sole purpose that drives us to do so? Is it self-glorification, self-satisfaction? The competition? The selfishness that keeps you at the top? It doesn't seem like people are content with what they currently have. Just as quickly as something new comes out, it fades away, like many other fads. We need more. We need that new job promotion, that salary raise, that new gadget. When it's all said and done, nothing is going to matter anymore. Honestly, I think we should just stop and stand still. No more rushing to that next appointment, no more cramming in unnecessary things.

The holidays are going by way too quickly. Christmas is on Thursday and it doesn't feel like it. It's so rushed; I just need to breathe and cherish this moment. Why is it that summer seems like forever but winter's just a small fragment of our year? Christmas has become so commercialized, it lost its true meaning. I've caught myself caring about what to buy for people for presents' sake, not because I actually care about them or what's worst is that I care about what I want more than other people's needs. I thank God that I have my family though. They keep me sane in the midst of all this chaos.

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