Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Got me goin' stupid,

picking daffodils.

Last week and so far, so good.

Monday; skipped 1st period because I was really late. It was raining soo freaking hard. I felt like I was at freaking Soak City, dude. It was Andrew & Lilian's 17th so we went out for pho afterschoool. theeeeennn tastea and rofl the coffeee shop was certainly a highlight. & hm, tag/hide 'n seek (or hide 'n go seek, idk) @ target with Phillip, A, and L was a blast, gotta admit. Psh to Andrew and Phillip who scoffed at me in the car when I told them that I've always wanted to play h.'n.s at target.

Today; DID NOT RAIN, THANK GOODNESS. Lab test. I think I did fairly well. : ) then heavens, phillips house, & west mall for our mini photoshoot. i swear, I hope I got some good shots..

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